Monday, June 20, 2011

EOS lip balm

Seriously I never thought it was possible to have a lip balm be cute but have you seen EOS's lip balm. OMG! This lip balm's packaging is not the only cute thing about it, wait until you open it up! Its like a little mini egg shaped lip balm that is 95% organic and 100% natural. That means their is no preservatives, paraben's NOTHING! Thank god considering that I have just got into the whole paraben's thing and what paraben's was. If some of you don't know it is a preservative that is in cosmetic products to help the shelf life and make them last longer. Although it is banned in other countries it is yet to be banned in the US and researchers say that paraben's have been linked to the causes of breast cancer. So since I have just in the last 3 days learned about all of this I have been looking for more products that don't use paraben's. I am not going to throw out any of my products just use them up and then switch them out! You can purchase EOS also known as "Evolution of Smooth" at local drug stores Walgreens, Target, RiteAid, Walmart, and at  This little sphere shaped lip balm is packed with vitamin E keeping your lips smooth and moisturized all day! Wow talk about long lasting this little bug has  shea butter and jojoba oil and smells so so good! I got the Summer Fruit one and its yummy!!