Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eye Brow Routine

My worst insecuriy would have to be by eye brows. I have the worst of luck with my brows I tend to over pluck them or just fill them in with the wrong product and there just so dark. I swear me and my brows don't get a long. I have finally come to terms with them and I'm actually happy with the outcome lately. Now that I say that its probably going to haunt me. I have used a number of products and these ones have actually helped me and I'm really loving them. I use the Studio M eye brow kit with 
4 color palette 3 brown colors and a highlight
a short angled brush
a double ended brush with a eyebrow brush on one side and a angled brush on the other
a setting wax pencil
and then I use a eye brow pencil, and a lighter brown color to mix the dark color so that it doesn't look so dark.

It seem like a big hassel I know but this is my updated eye brow routine and after you do it a few times its actually a really fast process if you do it right. 

Step 1 I comb by brows with the brow brush upward
Step 2 I outline underneath my brow to guide me where I will be coloring. I do not outline the top of my brow just underneath because one brow isn't fully grown to where I would like it to be.
Step 3 I fill the brow with the darkest color lightly patting the color starting at my arch working my way to the end.
Step 4 Using the light single color I fill in the front of my brow to my arch lightly patting the color. 
Step 5 I use the brush side of the double ended brush and brush any access color to lighten my brow to the perfect color.
Step 6 I set the color with a wax stick. This will keep your color lasting longer, and you won't need to worry about it going anywhere.
Step 7 I use the highlight color and outline underneath the brow
Step 8 I pluck any unwanted hairs.

Hope that was useful and your having better luck then I am with your eye brows.


  1. i have the same problem with my brows! my hair is lighter than my natural dark brown hair color so i've had to change my brow routine!

  2. It sucks doesn't it. That's my biggest issue. So frustrating!