Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hard Candy's Fox in a box

This Hard Candy fox in a box duo is highly pigmented and absolutely gorgeous! The packaging reminds me of the benefit boxed bronzer and blush. I love the orange color, it gives me a nice pop of color!! You can mix the colors together and make a fun look, or just use the little brush that's provided and sweep it across one or the other.  I definitely will be buying more of these! I purchased this at Walmart for $6.


  1. Ive been wanting to try these! This one is so pretty, im going to go pick one up:) Have you tried any if the other ones?

  2. NO I was seriously so skeptical on these because I've tried so many different blushes that just don't show up on my skin so I've been eyeing this one and was like what the heck its only $6 or 7 dollars I ABSOLUTELY love it. I swear next time I go to Walmart I'm getting the others I'll post them when I get them!! The orange looks so fabulous this summer too!