Saturday, July 2, 2011


So I'm going to get in too much detail with my monthly favorites.. I"m going to try not to make it long but I'll explain why these are my monthly favorites ;)

Here I go, I'm not going in any order just going to fly through them (hopefully)

♡ Neturogena Sunblock I don't have to get into because I just blogged about it in my last blog post if you want to check that one out  click here

Sephora buildable cover concealer in light/pale I'm not sure if they sell this color anymore and I'm really sad about it because I finally found a concealer that I like and its not on the site. So I'll have to look into that but if you would like to check it out go to Sephora buildable cover This product is amazing because its cream base then when you rub it in it turns into a mate finish which is really weird for me because I've personally never tried that before. Its medium coverage and it lasts a pretty decent amount of time, and its really inexpensive. 

♡ Hard Candy's Baked blush in Honeymoon- This is a really light pink shade and you could get away with using this for blush or highlight. I use this usually just for a highlight because its so light but still very pigmented. I love this because it really defines my cheeks and gives it an extra pop of color. I will definitely be trying more of these. You can purchase this a Walmart and they run about $7 so not bad at all.

♡  Elf contouring blush and bronzer duo- This is a fabulous dupe of "Nars Laguna & Orgasam" It is super cheap and is very pigmented. The blush is a pinky peach and its a perfect color for the summer on any skin tone I absolutely love it! The bronzer is perfect because its not to light, nor to dark. I like the bronzer mostly because it doesn't have to much shimmer in it and when I'm contouring I really don't want to be a disco ball plus my face is to oily to use a lot of shimmery products

♡  Bed Bath and Body Works Forever Sunshine Collection- This is a awesome scent this summer. It really reminds me of summer if that makes any sense at all lol. I just enjoy this scent a lot right now. The scent lasts a pretty decent amount of time and it just perfect right now not to heavy. 

♡  Urban Decay Primer potion in Greed- I know I say that I love everything but this is a pretty cool product because ( I know your not suppose to) but I like this product because you could seriously not have to apply any shadow if you don't want to. Its a nice gold color that look really pretty when you apply eye makeup and just makes the shadows pop so much more. Gold is definitely a color I like to use this season

♡ Mac Eye Kohl in Smolder-  So I don't really like pencil liner but I've been experimenting with them you can say and this is a really good one. It last a long time and it blends so nicely if you wanted to create a smokeyer look with your eye liner. It cleans off your face pretty good, its a perfect shade of black, and is so worth the price.

♡ Hawaiian Tropic Self Tanner in medium- I've tried a lot of different self tanners just because I don't like to get too much sun and this one by far is a fabulous product and for the price I'm totally hooked. If your looking for a product that gets you that summer glow this is it. Its really inexpensive I paid like $8 for it and you can get it at many places Target, Walmart, Ulta. It does have a funky after smell but hey, I haven't found one that doesn't and again its to cheap to complain. 
♡  Mark Pro Gloss Hook up Plumping shine- My two fav's are Sexy, its a pinky nude color and looks great over any pinks, or nude lipsticks. You can wear it alone too and its amazing. It covers nicely, isn't sticky, and smells pretty good too. It does have a cooling sensation because of the plumping effect but feels pretty nice. My other favorite is the coralish pink color in splashy. 

♡ Wet and Wild eye liner pencil in Purple- Again I don't use much pencils but this on your lower waterline, or even lashline looks amazing this summer. It really adds a pop of color to your eyes especially if you don't really feel like doing to much color eye shadows this really spices everything up and its like the cheapest thing in the world. You can get these at any drug stores. 

♡  Pantene Pro V Medium Thick Hair Treatment- This product really helps my colored hair. My hair is very dry, and sometimes looks damaged from the heat, dryness and coloring it. So this really restores everything that I need to make it look healthy and shiny again :) This is definitely my life saver! Thank you Pantene.

♡  Sephora Bronzer in Bora Bora- This bronzer lasts literally forever! I had this product for like a year. Didn't expire and still looked amazing. I love Sephora brand makeup. I reach for this more in the summer as a setting powder and I love how its matte and I might be weird but I love the smell of it. haha

♡  Victoria Secret Across the shoulder pink bag- I'm not a fan of small purses but when I'm out and about walking a lot shopping whatever I don't want to luggage a round a huge purse because that's necessarily what I usually wear because I carry my life in it. This is perfect for out and about events that your going to be carrying your purse for a long period of time. It actually holds a decent amount of stuff so during these hot long days and of course shopping days I'm totally digging this purse! 

♡ Guess Sunglasses- I have been reaching for these for the last few months. I wear sunglasses any season but these are definitely my go to sunglasses at the moment. There just so fabulous and look so amazing and really this summer there are no rules so you can wear this with whatever you want!  I love the case that holds them so that they don't scratch up, or break. 

Last but not least of course is my 
♡  Big extra wide brim black hat-  

This hat is so girly and chic and so in right now I'm totally in love with it and you can wear it with pretty much anything. Dress it up with a nice elegant dress, pair it up with something casual, wear it to the beach, WHATEVER its amazing and I'm really into it.

sorry such a long favorites I'll work on limiting my favorites next month

much much love

♡  Jenn's Beauty Confessions