Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August ♡ Favorites

I hope everyone had a fabulous month of August, and are really enjoying, and soaking up these last few months of summer. I can't believe that it's already the end of August. I know I say that almost every month but these past months have been flying by. I'm kind of sad that summer is almost over, I feel like it was just winter. Ugh winter I am not looking forward to. However, I am excited for the fall transition, and the cooler weather, layering your clothes, the fall trends, etc. This month I've rediscovered, and fell in love with some new products. 

For a list of products

Nars pressed powder: This isn't a new favorite. I believe I've mentioned this in a favorite of mine once before. I am in LOVE with this powder. I use this to set my liquid foundation, or if I'm feeling a little lazy I use it to set my tinted moisturizer to give my face a nice matte finish. Its a perfect match to my skin and I love how light and natural it is definitely a tie between this and my msf.

Nivea silky shimmer lotion: This is a rediscovered lotion, I've had this for quite sometime now I don't think they sell it anymore unfortunately, but I do love the whole concept. This definitely gives your skin a nice healthy looking natural glow with a touch of glitter glam to it. 

Elf eyebrow kit medium: This I've been using the whole month of August and I'm completely in love. For the price its seriously unbelievable, it leaves my eyebrows looking natural. I did a tutorial here on it if you'd like to see what they look like before and how I use it. 

Buxom Bunny Lip gloss: I'm not going to get to into this just because I did talk about it a few posts ago with my favorite lippes here. Its a beautiful peachy pink shade that gives your lips a nice healthy shine. This is a lip plumper so it does have a tingling sensation your lips. If your not a fan of the whole tingly lips then you wouldn't like this at all.

Bonnie Bell liplites: This again was mentioned in my favorite lippies post here. Its a very pretty nudey, pink color. Doesn't last very long but totally worth it for the price.

Revlon Apricot Fantasy: Revlon lipsticks never disappoint me. This nude has a little sheen of gold tint to it. Its a gorgeous nude I absolutely love it.

Mac mineralized blush improvise: For the summer I love the bronzy, gold, glow look. This does that perfectly giving you a natural glow to your cheeks. Its absolutely stunning, and works fabulous as a contour color as well.

Bobbi Brown Gel liner Black: I love Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Never have I had a product that I didn't fall completely in love with. This liner is definitely smudge proof, and long lasting. Its a great all around liner if your looking for something to stay put for the whole day! 

Befine Night Cream: This was in my August Birchbox. I did purchase a full size and will be doing a complete review this week. It is a great moisturizer for my oily skin, leaving it clean, refreshed, and evens out my skin tone. Overall its a fabulous product and I'm so excited that I finally like something out of my Birchbox.

Victoria Secret Very Sexy Now: This is seriously the "perfect" summer scent. Every time I sniff it I think of summer. This was from their Beauty of Brazil collection. It's inspired by Sandy beaches, topical fruit and life coloured in pastel nuances and rays of sun. Essences of the perfume represent Brazil and its aromas, including papaya zest, exotic orchid and creamy finish of coconut milk

Last but not least that I forgot to include in my monthly favorites video was my Naked Palette of course. I find myself reaching for this quite often and probably will for a while. Theirs just an array of gorgeous pigmented colors to create so many different looks.

My August Favorites Video

What products have you been loving this month? 


  1. I love everything I see!! Great picks!

  2. great favs!! i gotta try out those glosses!

  3. I see we are both loving the Naked palette this month! :D I wish I got my hands on Improvise blush...seems like something I would like.

    BY THE WAY...check out my blog tomorrow...I have something specifically for you! ;)

  4. I've heard lots of great things about that Bonnie Bell liplites, would pick it up if I didn't have tons of lipglosses already -_-

  5. LOVE this all! Naked Palette is on my list this month too! Just about to do my August Favs!


  6. great stuff right there :D the naked palete is so in demand

  7. omg! i didn't know nivea had a shimmer lotion! I've been looking for one for so long. i know jergens used to have one but i think it's DC cause i never see it in stores anymore. I'm going to the drugstore after work today to look for the Nivea shimmer lotion =D


  8. love everything you mentioned!! naked palette, revlon lippies and bb gel liner are the best!

  9. I too am a fan of anything NARS!
    xo Cara

  10. Improvise blush is just gorgeous, probably don't need it as I have many similar ones but I still want anyway :-).


  11. @Thanks Rinz & CottonCandy!! xo girlys<3

    @Cheryl THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Seriously I can't thank you enough that is the nicest sweetest thing :)) I have an idea I want to do to thank you!!!! <3

    @Gaby I NO haha its just a nice cheapy lippie that if you loose your not going to be too heart broken

    @LC can't wait to see yours Dolly!!

    @Mavi I NO I use to have the jergens one and I can't find it anywhere!!

  12. @amanda Thanks girl I no I think I need another naked palette for back up!

    @Cara I NO I haven't been disappointed from nars yet :)

    Makeup&Macroons I hear ya I find myself purchasing so many products that are similar.

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