Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Collective Haul

Rimmel London Stay Matt Foundation, ELF brow kit in medium, ELF blush in Fushia fusion, L'Oreal color juice in pink grape fruit, NYX lipsticks, Narcissus, Pumpkin Pie, Orion, Essie French Affair, Buxom Bunny, Merona flats, pink divider, Striped Top, MAC Mineral Skinfinish in Crystal Pink.

Last week or so I went out to Target, MAC, and Sephora. I was stopping by Sephora to see what they had for Nars blushes and ended up getting a buxom lip gloss in the color bunny which is a lighter peachy pink. The buxom lip glosses are paraben & sulfate free. Yayy! They are designed to make your lips appear more healthier & fuller, and honestly it really does. I love this lip gloss, they do run about $20 but they are 4.45 ml so their actually well worth the price considering my L'Oreal color juice is only .5 

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Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation in Soft Beige: This foundation is oil free, and suppose to hold shine for up to 12 hours. Well I really never believe that. However, my face is super oily especially this time of the year. I do like the color and I like it so much better then my other Rimmel foundation that I purchased a few weeks back. I've never tried Rimmel products until recently. Overall the foundation is great although, they had it on clearance so I figured I'd give it a try, and give my pro long wear a break. I purchased this for only $2.98 and it was originally $5.99. 

L'Oreal Color Juice in pink grapefruit: Again I'm not sure why Target was having so many things on clearance but that's the time when to check products out. This is more of a nude clear coat I'd say. I actually love how moisturizing it leaves my lips and how glossy it is. It is not really on the sticky side, and it actually smells great. You could get away with wearing this alone, or with about any lipstick.

ELF Brow Kit in Medium: This by far hands down won me over the very first time I applied it. It goes on so smoothly, and so light that it really looks so natural. I am super picky with my brows lately, mainly because I swear there in a funk stage and I just can't get them to grow properly. This really looks great and doesn't go on to thick and dark which I'm totally for. 

ELF blush in Fushia Fusion: This is a really glittery pink blush. Its suppose to be a dupe for Nars Angelika. Although,  I have not got my hands on the Nars Angelika. When looking at this it looks to be very glittery however, once its applied it does not have to much glitter to it. Its very pretty.

Essie French Affair: I do already have this color but it was on sale for like $4 and I couldn't pass it up because I just love the color. Its more of a violet pinky color. Its gorgeous and I figured my sister might like this one. 

NYX Narcissus: This is one of my FAV pinks. Its very bright, and bold and looks amazing with a "fake" tan lol. 

NYX Pumpkin Pie: Is a gorgeous nude color, its a little darker of a nude then a few of my nude colors but I do like the way it looks.

NYX Orion:This was a accident that I purchased and I still need to find time to get my butt to the store to exchange it but I probably won't remember by the time I do get that way. Its a darker brown color that I'm really not to found of. I don't wear dark browns on my lips it just washes me out and does not look good with my skintone.

MAC Semi Precious Collection Mineral Skinfinish in the color Crystal Pink: I wasn't going to get this orignally. However, when I was passing through Macy's one day I wanted to see if they still had their lush amber lipstick by the same collection, and they didn't (figures) I wait till the last second. However, they did have this skinfinish and I assumed that if I didn't get it I would have wished I did the rest of the week. (I always do that).

I did pick up so pretty nice flats at Target for only $6.24 originally $25. I know amazing riight.. (Well I thought so) These are actually so comfortable. With flats I usually have to put thoese Dr scholls inserts in the heel so my foot don't rub and get a blister, and sometimes even the padding on the bottom because my feet are so flat already that they ache after I wear flats. These (I hope) I won't have to do that because they have a decent amount of support and I think these would look so nice in the fall jazzed up with a beige/brown blazer, and skinny jeans. 

I also picked myself up a "nautical" shirt at Target. I have seen these in about every magazine saying how popular they were so I had to get one. They were on sale, and Target really didn't have to much of a selection to choose from. I do like the white, and navy blue together.

Last but not least I did get a "silverware" drawer. I don't plan on putting silverware in this I purchased this to put in my makeup drawer to organize my makeup a little more.

I hope your having a great Tuesday

Here's the video from like a week ago, because it took me that long to post this.



  1. Love your haul, so many cute things :) The Buxom glosses are amazing, I have one as well in my collection :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. hi babe:) love the flat shoes! I'm a fan of them:)you've got such pretty stuffs!

  3. The shoes are so cute! :) x


  4. Cute stuff girl! I love the shoes!! and what a great steal!! xo -Taj

  5. wow you found some great deals :) I have been eying the same pink divider at target.. if thats the one from target.lol.

  6. love this haul.. im totally getitng that buxom lipgloss now!