Friday, August 19, 2011

Outfit♡of the day: OOTD

Hey Heyy! 
                 I hope everyone is having a better week then I am lol.(At least its FRIDAY!) that song by Rebecca Black just popped into my head ughh.. I swear everyday this week something horrible happens to me and I'm not being all dramatic or anything but seriously I am cursed. This morning after I woke up I wanted to get in the shower immediately to get it over with, and so I could let my hair air dry so I wasn't putting any heat to it, as I was shaving my legs the shaving cream can fell and smacked me right in between my eyes. Not even kidding you it started gushing blood, I thought I was going to have to get stitches.. (haha now I'm being over dramatic lol) The stupid shaving cream can cut my face. Now lets hope it doesn't scar. Gosh well at least it didn't hit me in the eye and on the upside of things I won't have to pluck my eyebrows their for a while. Better yet the day before I was watering my plants and I'm really not sure how this happened but I stubbed my toe and scraped my foot so that is why in one of my pictures I am wearing a band-aid.

I always hurt myself, I'm just a klutz sometimes I guess.. What can ya do...
Any who I decided I wanted to do an outfit of the day today. Just something casual I've never worn high wasted shorts, or shorts this long but its something different and I actually really liked it.

 I decided to through my hair in a messy bun to kind of keep it off my neck it was super hot today. I also wanted to focus the attention off my hole in my face because it did not cover very well so I wore some bright orange lipstick. I have to admit I don't wear this to often and I actually liked a little change for a day. I also layered some necklaces since I was wearing such a plain shirt, I paired the shorts up with a leopard print belt and matching pumps. Since I had so much going on with my necklaces I decided bracelets would of been a little to much so I just wore a pearl ring & earrings that matched my necklaces, and to top it all off I wore my beige bag that I have been totally loving.

Top ♡ Forever21
Shorts ♡ H&M
Jewelry ♡ Charlotte Russ & Forever21
Cami ♡ WetSeal
Shoes ♡ Aldo
Bag ♡ Tjmaxx
Belt ♡ Wilson's Leather
Lipstick ♡ Revlon in the color Siron

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. love love love your bag!, too cute.

  2. Cute shoes love the orange shorts.

  3. love the outfit!
    and your blog layout and design is looking fab too.
    you look so english hehe
    Breezeybee Blog

  4. The shorts look great on you :)
    Lol nice positive attidude about the shaving cream can, I would of gone crazy :) x

  5. you are so lovely and fab!
    i love the bag!

  6. You look so beautiful :)

    Love Christine ♥

  7. Super cute outfit!! Love how you styled all of the necklaces - looks so good!!

    I would love for you to visit the blog I just started with my sister and the giveaway we are doing right now for a Tiffany & Co. necklace!



  8. @Cotton Candy THANK YOU!!

    @Jessica I didn't know you had a blog dolly thanks :)

    @breezybee AWWH your cute TY

    @KOtryna I appreciate that :)

  9. @Saoirse yayyyy thanks I kno but I was just trying to think about the ups on things :) lol believe me I wanted to scream.

    @stylepoint :)) ty

    @Diane Thank you following your blog now sweets ;)

    @Christine thanks so much lovely<3

    @Mary awwwh your so cute dolly mwaaa ty

    @Rach :)

  10. You look gorgeous! Your hair up looks so pretty, love the shorts too!<3

  11. Ooooh you look so retro here! Beautiful! :)

  12. I have the same exact bag! ♥