Monday, August 1, 2011

July favs ♡

Its that time again. I hope everyone had a fabulous July, it flew by. July was pretty good, other then the whole storm situation July was hot, humid, exciting, and I love summer but this summer I feel like its been a little hotter then normal.  These are some of the products that I've been using this month and really enjoying.

♡ Hot Shot Tools curling iron. I love this curling iron not only because it heats up in about a min, it also has an adjustable tempature gage so you can have it hotter for thick hair, and lower depending on the look your going for. This curling iron I purchased at Sallys. Its a little bit more then the conairs but me having thick hair I needed something like this.

Not your mothers clean freak dry shampoo. I have to use a dry shampoo every other day. Without it my hair is a oily yucky mess. I did do a whole review on this you can check that out here  so I'm not going to get all into it. Basically this dry shampoo doesn't leave a white residue like most do that I use to use. It lasts a lot longer then any other dry shampoo and its leaves my hair smelling and looking like I just washed it. yayy!

♡ L'Oreal sublime bronze air brush tanning spray. I have used so many different self tanning products that this one is up their on my list. I haven't used this to long but I love the fact that it drys super fast unlike many, and it doesn't look oily and wet throughout the day. Thank goodness 

♡ Nars Pressed Powder in Mountain. This pressed powder I've had for about 2 weeks now and I've used it everyday since I've gotten it. It leaves a nice matte finish, it looks flawless, its not cakey or chalky, and it looks great alone or setting your foundation. 

♡ Nars Blush in lovejoy I'm not going to get to into this since I did just do a review on this yesterday you can check that out here. This will probably be used for a nice fall or winter blush as well. Its a nice rosey bronze blush that has a little bit of gold sheen to it. Its a gorgeous gorgeous blush.

♡ ELF mineral infused primer. This is my favorite primer at the moment. It really does a great job compressing my oil, shrinking my pores, giving me a nice flawless canvas to work with before I apply my foundation. Its really inexpensive I purchased this at the web site for about $6

♡ Cosmo Mag. I'm not sure if cosmo brings a new magazine out in the beginning of the month or the end they all vary so much I can't keep track. If they still have this I highly recommend getting it if you love reading and staying on top of beauty trends, fashion, or Kim Kardashian. Okay that's the main reason I got it and its not the only reason I love it. I love it also because it has so many great stories, some amazing hair styles and trends, great tips, guy stuff, sex, health, lifestyle, and of course fashion trends for the fall in which I'm totally excited for now. I love the fall trends, they are always so fun. 

♡ Naked Palette. I absolutely love this palette. Its a great palette to use for day or night look. You can create so many looks with this that I'm just so glad I purchased this. This might be my favorite of all my July favorites lol.

♡ YBF your best friend universal eyebrow pencil. This still amazes me how its universal. I'm not sure how well it works for woman with light hair but, It works for me. I have been having the worst luck with my eyebrows and this is the perfect thing to come to my rescue. I love how it rolls up so you don't have to sharpen it therefore, your not wasting any product because we don't want that.

♡ Sigma F80 Flat top kabuki brush. This is my first ever sigma brush. I use this to buff my liquid foundation on giving me the perfect flawless look. This brush hands down is my ultimate go to favorite brush. I will definitely be purchasing more.

♡ essence stay with me lip gloss in me & my ice cream. OMG the smell is to die for let me tell you. Its a very moisturizing baby pink color. It looks nice alone, or on top of your favorite pink lipstick. It lasts a pretty decent amount of time. It goes on smooth and its not to sticky. 

♡ NYX strawberry milk lipstick. It doesn't smell like strawberry milk sorry although, it does look like it. I'm a huge light pale pink lipstick girl. This is the perfect shade of baby pink. It looks fabulous with the essence me and my ice cream. I did do a lipstick of the day with the two last week so if you wanna see what it looks like on click here

Last but not least is my some of my guilty pleasures lately. I don't know what it is about nail polish the last few months but every time I go anywhere I pick some up. These 3 ( I limited myself to 3 so I didn't go on forever) have been my favorites this month.
  • Essie Marshmallow. Although, I did just put this on for the first time yesterday I had to include it into my monthly favorites. I know your not really "allowed" to say you love something after one use but hey I really like it. Its a nice milky white that really makes anyone look a little tanner. Its really a gorgeous feminine color that I think is so pretty.
  • Essie Turquoise and Caicos. This is the Tiffany's color, I've wore this a lot on my toes this summer and its the perfect shade of turquoise. I love how opaque it is after one coat. Its my all time favorite summer color hands down
  • Sally Hansen pink blink. This is the perfect baby pink nail polish. Its so gorgeous, and I could never get sick of pink. Its very opaque and I just love Sally Hansen nail polishes.

You can also Check out my July Fav's video ;)

Have you tried any of these? 
What is your July Favorites?