Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lippies I've been loving

This past month I've been using so many different lip products that I narrowed it down to my top ten. When it comes to lip glosses I'm pretty simple with my nudes, pinks, corals with an occasional clear. I like anything that smells good, is pretty moisturizing, and gives that nice healthy shine to my lips. I love to mix and match my glosses with some lipsticks, but I also like to just wear them alone when I'm going for more of a low maintenance look.

  • Mac dazzleglass in creamy pink: Well the name says it all. This is a ideal creamy pink that looks great over a pink or nude lipstick, and has a little bit of peachy gold shimmer touch to it.
  • Bonnie Bell Liplites in Strawberry Parfait: This is probably my favorite gloss at the moment. It looks so great by itself, and really pops a nude or mauvy pink lip. It has a great finish and really gives a nice healthy shine making my lips appear fuller. Very glossy however, it does not last very long. Best of all the smell is yummm.
  • essence me and my icecream: This isn't very opaque at all but I love do indeed love the smell of this as well. These are pretty nice and not at all sticky. I love the wand.
  • Maybelline Rasberry ice popcicle balm: Although this is a balm and not a gloss I had to include. The color doesn't show up one bit but the smell and how moisturizing it is really makes up for it all. Oh and the package of course!!
  • Mark sexy sexy: This is a lip plumper so it has a little bit of tingle to it. This is more of a nude pink. Its very light, very moisturizing and very shiny.
  • Buxom Bunny lipgloss: Now this is totally worth the $18. This lip gloss is probably the most product I've gotten out of a lip gloss. Its rather large and really gives you a nice fuller appearance. Its very shiny, and gives a nice healthy glow.
  • Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer: Chanel is a little more pricey but it lasts a very long time. This  is a gorgeous coral shade perfect for the summer.
  • essence nude gloss: This is the perfect nude color. It gives a nice light pop of shine to your lips, definitely looks great over any nude to give it a nice sheen. 
  • Victoria Secret Beauty Rush: I'm not sure why I love these to much because they are really sticky and thick. However they last throughout the day and are super shiny.
  • L'Oreal color juice in Pink Grapefruit: This is more of a clear gloss if your looking for a nice light shine. Not only does it smell great it tastes great as well. I love this alone or on just about any lipstick.

What's your favorite lip glosses at the moment?


  1. I have been really wanting to try Maybelline's Raspberry Ice! So many people have said it was amazing!

  2. @Lera Its great balm I love it.

  3. i want to try the bonne bell, where can i find it at?

  4. These look like some good ones I haven't tried, I'm currently loving Covergirl's Continuous Color in Bistro Burgandy its as moisturizing as any lip balm I've ever used!

  5. they all look great..
    i love them all
    tnx for the swatches

  6. Aw I love your blog, you are amazingly beautiful :) xx

  7. These are all lovely! We have similar taste in glosses/lipsticks, absolutely love pinks nudes & corals :)
    Great blog Xx

  8. That Chanel lipgloss looks gorgeous. I have always wanted to try their lipglosses and lippies :)

    Love Christine ♥

  9. Good ones! I think I am obessed with lip stuff! I love the same color palette too;) Following your fab blog now deaer! xo -Taj

  10. I love buxom! I have that same buxom and im obsessed with it!

  11. ohh the beauty rush is one of my favs- esp when they have the sale where you get them for like $2 each!

  12. MAC with strawberry n vanilla flavor (I forgot what its exact version)! U might have tried it, thats the one I love the most..


  13. These lip products are ALL so pretty! I like the VS ones too even though they are sticky :p I love Chanel lip glosses, just wish they were less expensive :P