Friday, August 26, 2011

Mac me over: Mystical

Last fall Mac held a casting call searching worldwide for the faces of their new collection who had style,heart, and soul. Yesterday Mac debut this new collection called Mac Me Over. Its actually a great collection for the fall. Today I was browsing the collection and some items are very similar to others but they do have a great selection to choose from. One eyeshadow that I was eyeing was Mystical This is a Veluxe Pearl finish with a smooth formula. The color is a gorgeous copper with a tad bit of red to it.

For swatches 

I actually really like this color paired with their Satin Taupe that also came in this collection(Satin Taupe will be in there permanent collection) the two together are just so gorgeous. For a full list of products in this collection check out Temptalia . Their are a few blushes that I like in this collection although, I do have a lot of coral blushes I had to pass it up considering the mua  at the counter said that they will be debuting another collection next month (go figure). A few of the items in this collection will be in there permanent collection so their really isn't any rush on a few of them. I do think I will be going back for their 226 brush now that I know that it will not be in their permanent collection, nor will they be selling it online due to limited quantities.

Will you be getting anything from this collection?


  1. the lipstick in offshoot and peachstock and rebel
    carbonized eyeshadow
    dark envy and midnight blue fluidline

    thats what im loving from this collection and i agree there are alot of pieces that look like others from the perma line and previous collections, but they are all so pretty!

  2. what a pretty color I agree that some of the products look similar to the permanent line. I really want both blushes from the collection


  3. gorgeousss! i want to get mac me over babies!

  4. ooh wow i really like that color! i'm going to have to check it out

  5. I love this color, need to go and buy some:)

  6. I have Satin Taupe. I never use it though -__- LOL.. it may be because I have it in a holiday palette so I'm gonna get a pan and stick it in my palette and hopefullyy I use it.

    I didn't get mystical because it looked too bronzey for me :( BUT I got the stunner blush so I can say "I got stunner cheeks" haha! I'll more than likely do a comparison post :)

  7. this color looks gorgeous!

    new follower :)

  8. @Kortryna Thank you sweets:))

    @BreezeyBee I have been thinking peachstock ever since I left. I think I need to go back!!

    @polaBerry Stunner & equalibrim I NOO I think I want stunner now that I've been reading the reviews lol

    @Diane ahaha you'll love it girl.

    @Donna & @margarita thanks doll ;)

    @megan its really pretty color for the fall I've actually used it quite a few times this week.

    Lindah ya its not for everybody I personally like it with myskin tone but I'm a huge fan of the brown family! I Want the stunner blush now after reading the reviews!!!