Monday, August 8, 2011

NOTD Sally Hansen Fuchsia Shock ** Crackle overcoat**

Wet n wild Metallica& Sally Hansen Fuchsia Shock Crackle

I've seen the crackle polishes, on every blog, every beauty channel, and almost ever person I encounter. I didn't really see what all the hype was and honestly, I didn't really think it was my style. Its definitely different, and unique and I think its actually really pretty I just thought that I couldn't pull it off. Well Brandyn decided to surprise me and pick me up some little goodys at the store the other night and I thought it was cute and I didn't wanna hurt his feelings by not wearing it so I decided to paint my nails last night (I usually do every Sunday). Before I removed my nail polish from last week I tried the  crackle over top of my white polish and it didn't look all that bad. B mentioned to me that he really liked the picture of the advertisement, it was silver with the pink crackle. So taking his nail polish advice was a little bit unusual but I was feeling a little risky and if it didn't look ok I could always remove it. To be honest I was surprised the way the two turned out and was very pleased with the two together. 

 Using wet n wilds  Metallica as my bottom later just one simple light coat. I was very impressed with the way Metallica looked with only one coat. It was very opaque, had a great amount of shine, and the formula was overall a great product. If it were fall I would probably just wear it as is, especially being only one coat. 

I put a thin coat over top of the silver with the Sally Hansen Fuchsia Shock Crackle coat. Immediately I fell for it. The way the two colors collided really is gorgeous. I love how simple, and summery it still looks. I definitely under estimated B's nail polish skills. *lol*

What's your favorite crackle color?


  1. So pretty!!

    XOXO, CC

  2. @Miss Cupcake thanks doll <3 xo

  3. I'm so glad you did this post. I know what you mean I've seen this on so many blogs too and I still haven't tried the crackle. I really want to know. I think the pink with the silver combo is really pretty. Nice blog, following you now


  4. Looks Gorgeous!<3 You pull it off beautifully:)

  5. omg i LOVE IT!!!

  6. im obsessed with crackle polishes! love this color combo.