Monday, August 22, 2011

Ulta & drugstore haul

Hi beautys
I hope your all having a fabulous Monday. Last week I had stopped by Ulta, and a local grocery store to pass a little time, and because I was in the area considering the closet Ulta to me is about 30 mins away so I don't get there to often which might be a good thing because then I don't find myself their spending money every week. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone.. I also did purchase a few things online from the urban decay sale they were having on their site, and from a blog sale so I'll be doing another haul very soon I figured I'd divide everything up and I really just didn't want to wait any longer not using the products. 

At Ulta I really couldn't think of anything that I actually needed. So as I was browsing around I came across a few little goodies that caught my eye.

  • Formula 10.06 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask: This I did get to use once since I purchased and I actually really like it. Its very light on the face, and drys pretty quickly. It goes on a light brownish color and as it dries it give kind of a tingle feeling to the face so if your not a fan of your skin feeling all tingly I doubt you'd like this product. I love the list of ingredients in this. I've never heard of Formula 10.0.6 before but thought I'd give it a whirl. 
  • Formula 10.0.6 In The T Zone: This I was pretty excited about because my T zone is pretty redic if you ask me. It gets so oily throughout the day its quite annoying. I also was intrigued by the ingredients in this as well. Marshmallow? The marshmallow conditions the skin while the zinc controls the oil and shine, well lets hope so. This only comes with 3 clothes which kind of sucks I had forgotten to check how many come in the pack before I bought it but I was just to excited to try it I shall let you know what I think once I try these baby's out.
  • essence nude eyeliner in the color almost famous shade is perfect for making your eyes appear larger. I apply this in my lower waterline. 
  • essence nude lip gloss: I love this shade it looks great over any nude lipstick giving it a pop of shine, very moisturizing and not to sticky which is great in my book.
  • NYX Orange Soda: I mentioned this lipstick in one of my videos that I meant to purchase and accidentally bought the complete wrong color. I didn't take that other color back unfortunately, its still in my makeup collection and I probably will never take the time to return it because I hate returning items. 
  • Last but not least I got an OPI color from their fall collection touring across America in: My address is Hollywood. This is the most beautiful mauvy coral pink with hints of pink shimmer throughout it. I can't wait to use this for the fall.
After I was on my way back towards my house I had to pick a few grocery's up and every time I stop by the grocery store (which is a few times a week) I always end up forgetting something thank goodness its only 5 mins away if that. Reading a few blogs last week someone had mentioned  the Milani Blush in Luminous and after I seen it swatched I had to get it.  This is a gorgeous baked peachy color. Its so pretty I can't wait to wear it. I'm sure I'll be having a few FOTD's with this. I also got..

  • Maybelline's  Raspberry Ice Sensational Pop Stick Lip Balm. This is really cool although I thought that it was a lipstick however, its ok because I love it. Its a clear lipstick that has a tint of color to it. Its purpose is be used as a balm that moisturizes your lips. They smell sooooo good almost like a popcicle, and the packaging is to die for!
  • Maybelline's SunBaked Neutrals. I actually used this today for a back to school tutorial and the colors are fabulous for the price. From what I used they blended really nice, and even looked really natural. Its a great easy back to school effortless look.
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects. These are great because they last a hell of a lot longer then nail polish does which is great because sometimes I get really frustrated with the fact my polish chips the next day. I picked up the lace one because I thought it looked pretty nice and unique.
  • I did pick up another eos lip balm I swear you can never have enough of these. They actually had it on clearance so I picked up my mom one too. 
  • Lastly I got some elf eyelashes every time I go to the store I pick a pair of these up. Just to keep adding to my collections because you never know when your going to need them, and you can never have enough eyelashes in your makeup collection.

Have you tried any of these?


  1. oooh, fun haul. be sure to do a review on those masks, they look interesting

    Breezeybee Blog

  2. LOVE the nail polish!! I love the entire haul, but that Mabelline Eyeshadow Palette and nail polish take the cake for me! In the past few days I have gone NUTS here on blogger finding all these fabulous finds from hauls, I think I'm going to go broke tomorrow! haha

    Thanks for all the info! Will be picking some things up tomorow!!



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