Saturday, August 13, 2011

victoria secret

Product Description: Be a bombshell beauty. Create your signature eye with four coordinating satiny shadows. Can be worn alone, in combination or blended for infinite eye looks.

VS TIP: Use light shades as a base or highlighter: sweep color from lash line to brow bone Layer a medium shade onto lid for depth. Darker shades are best for contouring: apply in crease and outer corners.

The packaging is what drew me in. Of course Victoria Secret had to make their packaging hot pink.    (I mean come on I wouldn't of noticed it if it wasn't hot pink)  Although, the packaging is just so cute, I do love the gorgeous array of  fun neutral colors. Each color is so pretty and the color pay off is amazing. I did notice that they don't last that long though. However, it could have been just because it was so hot the day I wore it. Each color blends so nicely with the others. I really like the color choices you get.
The first four are without the eye shadow primer, and the last four are with eye shadow primer.

As you can see even without the eye shadow primer the colors are very pigmented. These colors are great for fall and would really flatter any skin tone. I'm not sure how long Victoria Secret will still be selling this quad , or if they even still are selling this quad. because the one I went to didn't have to many left because these are limited edition eye shadow quads.  

Its all depends on your preference but you don't have to use all the four colors in one look. For the look I created I did end up using all the colors in the quad so that I could get a good feel of them. You could use just the two golds together, or even the two brownish pinks together.

What do you think of this look? Do you have this quad?


  1. LOL im a sucker for the packaging. If its in PINK I normally buy it. VS always has such cute stuff :)

  2. This is so pretty, I really wish we had a VS store in Norway. Their shipping to Norway gets pretty expensive :/ great review :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. @Christine there isn't a vs in norway!??

    @pinkglam I noo hahah every freaking time! I'm a sucker for it though.