Monday, September 12, 2011

♡ Collective Haul

Hi Dolls!
                I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I enjoyed mine although, Brandyn had to work the entire weekend which kind of blows because he hasn't had a day off in quite sometime, and they've been working him very long hours. On the other hand it was very warm which is nice because last week it was pretty chilly, now were back to summer weather again. I'm kind of unsure what I really want the weather to be to be honest. 

This past weekend I was on a hunt for a new foundation, I decided to take my butt into Sephora thankfully they just opened a new on rather close to my house so I popped my head in there. The lady was obsessing over the new Smashbox Studio Skin hydrating 15 hour wear. Although, I haven't heard anything about this I decided to let her try it on me. It is a little pricey, but so far totally worth it, and its paraben free! The mua did apply a very nice primer, and moisturizer that I haven't tired before which totally made my skin stay matte all day! FINALLY! holla lu ya!! 

I was also trying to spare a little time before my girlfriend showed up so I did a little browsing around and here are a few goodies I also picked up this past weekend. Some I have used before, so they are a re purchase, and others are some newbies to add to my collection.

♡ Mac: Equalibrum Blush
♡  Smashbox foundation: 2.3
♡  2 new fall colors of Revlon Nail polish: princess, starry pink
♡  Essie Nail polish: glamour purse 
♡  Jesse's girl Julia G collection: g1c
♡  elf flat top brush
♡  elf eye lash curler
♡  acne medication
♡ Physicians Formula : 2 cream liners brown, black & blush/eyeshadow strip 
♡  Sally Hansen: hard as wraps  acrylic clear/ base coat
♡  Dove: deoderant 
♡  Infusium 23 leave in conditioner step 3 * LOVE*
♡  Mac: modesty lipstick
♡ L'Oreal project runway le quad

I have got a chance to use a few of these, and will be doing a review in the next week or so. 

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
  ~Bo Derek



  1. great haul! That elf lash curler pulled the crap out of my lashes. let me know if it works better for you. Love ya! <3

  2. nice haul! you got some good stuff.

  3. I really love the elf brushes. Nice stuff!

  4. Do you need to rinse out the Infusium 23 leave in conditioner? I need a good leave in for my hair. During the summer I had gone blonde and it fried my hair, so I went dark and now my hair is just not healthy anymore. I have been using "its a ten" products and im now using the garnier stuff that has the argon oil in it... but I need a good leave in.. does it smell good?

  5. Impressive haul. You sure know how to make a girl jealous :)


  6. Awesome haul! Looking forward to more reviews and FOTDs! :)

  7. one word

    happy for YA!

  8. I really like your blog! Great haul by the way! =]

  9. Love your blog! I'm following, check out mine :-)

  10. @Brittany omg it pulled mine too!! I just bought a new Shu Eumera one!!

    @Cotton Candy Thank yaaa!

    @Jessica I know I've been really loving them a lot so affordable.

    @Pink Glam Nope its the #3 so you put it in your hair wet/ or dry I put it in wet let it air dry or you can blow dry it and it really adds moisture to your hair I didn't have it for a few days bc I ran out and seriously I could tel how dry my hair was getting This is something I HAVE to have. works great for dry damaged hair. Smells great!!!

    @aspriations haha sorry! Lol

    @pammy thanks doll I'll be doing them throughout the week.

    @Rubiiee Thank you!! love yours!!

  11. you can never have too many of those elf powder brushes! perfect for foundation

  12. SO much fun stuff!! Makes me want to go shopping yet again!

  13. dolll, please tell me how you like the smashbox foundation, us oily girls need to knw all the foundations that work! (: thanks! (:

  14. Great haul! I spy some beautiful nail polishes x

  15. Great Haul! You defiantly got some great things!!:)