Monday, September 26, 2011

LORAC baked eyeshadows

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Monday's are never the greatest, and tomorrow I start up my fall semester of school which I'm not to thrilled about. A few weeks ago on the HauteLook they were having an awesome deal on Lorac Cosmetics. Honestly I don't have to much of Lorac in my collection so I decided I wanted to make a point to check it out.
I've never ordered anything from the HauteLook prior to this purchase. They always have amazing deals on higher end products, clothes, and even trips. Every time I remember to check out their site anything I want is usually sold out, or I forget about it. I guess I need to make a point to check the sales each day because some of the deals they have are AMAZINGG, and are up to 80% off can't beat that!

From what I can remember Lorac didn't have a huge selection of products on sale but HauteLook usually doesn't have to many items to choose from when it comes to beauty products, or makeup for sale. I picked up 4 out of 5 of Lorac's baked matte eyeshadow's these 4 really stood out to me, and would get the most use out of.

For Swatches & More info

Product Description: Easy to blend and easy to wear, LORAC’s Baked Matte Satin Eye Shadows are richly pigmented, long-wearing, and silky-smooth. Create countless award show looks with these concentrated, pure matte satin eye makeup shades that can be used wet or dry according to the intensity you desire.
NET WT .08 oz / 2.2 g
Mineral rich formula- Product is 81% Mineral

The Four that I picked were:
  • Insider: A beautiful Navy blue, perfect for the fall. 
  • Chic: A gorgeous white. This one I love because its very versatile, you could wear this on your eyes, in your inner corners to add a pop to make you appear more awake, a highlight under your brow, down your nose, or even on your cheeks. This one's one of my favorites!
  • Posh: A pretty nude/beige. I love this color because its a perfect match to my skin tone so it looks great on my lid. 
  • Social: A dark chocolate brown. I love this color in my crease, I've worn this one most out of all of the four.
These were on sale for $2 originally $22 on the HauteLook however, I did check out the Lorac website and they have these same baked matte eyeshadows on sale for only $2 as well. When I checked out the total percent I saved was 82% which is amazinggg! I don't think I've ever saved so much, I wish they had more then 5 colors to choose from these are quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

To get a more dramatic night look you could wear these baked eyeshadow's wet, or for a more natural day look they're perfect dry. They're extremely long lasting, and you hardly need to apply any product to get its true color. The texture of each eyeshadow is very silky, and smooth. I didn't notice any sort of fall out when using these baked eyeshadow's which is amazing because generally most baked eyeshadows that are extremely soft, and powdery definitely have some fall out.

Overall I was very happy with this HauteLook purchase and will more then likely be checking out their schedule to see what's worth my while. Each eyeshadow's very unique, yet very natural but could be worn very dramatic if chosen to. Their is quite a bit of product I assume these would last a very long time. These eyeshadow's are extremely blendable, has great color pay off, and my favorite part about them are their texture being so silky and smooth I hardly feel like I have any makeup on my eyes at all. The quality and packaging is wonderful, and very durable. (I dropped one and it made it thank goodness) These were definitely a steel and I'm very pleased I got a chance to pick a few of these up, I'm not sure if these are from an old collection, or if they're just trying to get rid of them.

Have you tried Lorac's baked eyeshadows?


  1. Those are gorgeous! I have tried the regular LORAC eyeshadows & love them but haven't tried the baked ones.. they look great!