Saturday, September 24, 2011



         I hope you all are doing well and trying to get over the fact that summer has come to an end. I'm actually kind of sad about it however, I feel as though a little change is necessary I'm just not looking forward to winter I don't know about you but here it gets very cold, yucky, and I'm not the greatest driver so me and snow don't mix well.

Anyways, I wanted to thank everyone who has messaged/contacted me regarding my disappearance for a little while. I'm not ignoring anyone's comments, messages, emails, and since I started this blog I usually update everyday, and if not everyday every other day whether I have a scheduled post or not I usually stay on top of my blog because its generally something I love and enjoy doing.

I don't usually get personal in my blog posts however, I kind of wanted to do a little update on a few things and let everyone know how much I appreciate them following my blog, and reading my posts, this is why I love the beauty community and blogging so much. Everyone is so caring, and positive.

First and foremost my animals/pets mean more then anything to me, they're my world. I feel as though sometimes me and B treat them as they are are children. They can't tell us when somethings wrong (usually) and were responsible to make sure everything is ok, they're taken care of, loved, played with, they're a lot of responsibility but honestly their's not one thing in the world I would't do for them.

 A week ago my male cat had to be rushed to the emergency vet and had to under go emergency surgery. I was a complete wreck and terrified. We had taken him home as the night went on he had only gotten worse. We had to rush him to the emergency vet once again and do the same the same exact thing as we did the night before. Finally Monday came around and we were able to take him to our veterinarian. They had told us pretty much the same thing as the emergency vet had told us just a little more specific, we tried to do a few other things that could possibly help him out but it was so serious and life threatening the only thing left to do was to let him go.

The hardest thing for me is to let go something/someone that is so close to my heart, its never easy to say goodbye but this was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I grew up with animals as it was time for them to go it hurt yes, but nothing like this. Every little thing reminds me of him. Armani and his sister were inseparable, you never seen one without the other. It was the cutest thing in the world. Every night they would sleep with us, and as soon as I woke up they would run off the bed. I just can't seem to come to terms with the fact that he's gone. He was only 3 and was the best cat I've ever had, he was everything I wanted in a cat words can't explain how much he meant to me. I just wish some how, or something could have worked so that he could be wear he belongs. Everyday without him is hard, I know it takes time to heal, and he's in a better place I just wish he could have lived a lot longer then he did. I will always love, and miss him and he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Life is precious, your never promised tomorrow so take a moment be thankful for what you have and never take things for granted because one day they might not be there again.




  1. Jenn :( I am SO sorry! I have 2 babies of my own and know how hard it must be for you to lose one! Sending love and prayers your way! XX

  2. sorry your going thru that jenn, best wishes!

  3. Im sorry hun. I know exactly how you are feeling. I have a lot of pets. I had a pair of bunnies. They were 10 and 13 yrs old. I lost one 2 yrs ago. Then I lost my other bunny about a month ago. He had gotten just to old. His body was giving out. His leg was no longer straight and hoping correctly. He had also gotten cancer. Due to his age and how bad he had gotten , I had to let him go as well :( I balled my eyes out for days. It was the hardest thing to do. I don't think anyone understands why someones lets a pet go.. but it would of been selfish of me to let my rabbit just suffer everyday when nothing else could be done. My rabbits have a nice burial spot in my garden. I hope you are doing better. Im keeping you in my thoughts. Im truly sorry for the loss. Life is precious and so are our pets.

  4. I'm sorry. :( I totally understand how you feel. Two years ago we had to put my cat to sleep due to a tumor in his throat. It was very unexpected. We then just had to put my childhood pet to sleep a couple months ago. It is very hard but they are in a better place and out of pain. :) Hope everything gets better.

  5. I know how you feel, best wishes for you and your family! Sorry you had to experience this!

  6. i'm sorry, i know how you feel. I had to lose my beautiful dog and a cat this year ;-( it's heartbreaking.

  7. JENNN!!!! I have been freaking out over your disappearance but something told me that something HAD to be up personally for you not to be on here! My heart is so broken! As you know, I lost my doggie last year to a life threatening disease and I just know exactly how you are feeling. My heart goes out to you and I am sending you prayers and love from Jersey! You can get through this! I'll be thinking of you!


  8. Thank you so much ladies!! I really appreciate it a lot. I <3 you!

    @Pink glam awwh sorry sweetie, I know its really super hard but they're in a better place. I just wish he had more time. xoxo love

    Dani thank you hunny! I'm sorry it sucks when your helpless and theirs nothing we can do.

    @LC THANK YOU LOVE! I know and your such a strong inspirational woman!!

    Heart you ladies so much!!