Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni For Target

 Since 1953, the legendary Missoni fashion house has been known worldwide for its eclectic mix-and-match patterns, colors and textures. Now, Missoni brings its iconic Italian lifestyle to you with the exclusive Missoni for Target collection.

Yesterday Target debut their Missoni collection from clothing, to bedding, beauty, accessories, to bath, you name it they had something Missoni. It hadn't crossed my mind until yesterday evening that Target debut this collection and to be honest I guess I didn't realize how big it was actually going to be. I tried for 45 minutes to get onto the Target website, come to find out the site had crashed and was down for quite some time. Instantly I knew this wasn't going to be easy to get a hold of. Finally when I got onto the site, almost everything had been gone. It wasn't even a day and they were already selling out of majority of the collection. (at least the things I had my eye on) I decided today that I should probably check out my local Target to see what they might have left over, before even arriving I expected the worst sparing my disappointment.

Well I was right EVERYTHING was picked over. Its incredibly crazy if you think about it, 1 day and literally wiped out like it was black Friday! They did have a few cosmetics bags, I did pick up a medium size one which wasn't one I initially wanted but what can you do. Their were a lot of baby clothes left very limited woman's clothing nothing I was looking for. I didn't find anything in the men section unfortunately I wanted to get Brandyn a few things. They were completely out of their scarfs, bags, luggage, and bedding. I was shocked I really want to get my hands on their throw blanket. On a positive note they did have a small selection of shoes left over. Missoni black sued pumps, some rain boots, and these gorgeous multi colored zigzag flats.

Unfortunately, they only had 3 pairs of the zigzag flats left and these were definitely on the top of my wishlist. I freaked and bought them all. One for my sister, and maybe a friend and if they don't want them, well I can always take them back I figured grab them while I can. They didn't have any in my size so I had to get a half size larger. They aren't very comfortable at all, so I did pick up some Dr Scholls inserts to give me a little more cushion. The pattern is just so gorgeous, I love the whole zigzag design, and the texture is just amazing. Their is a no skid tread on the heel but the whole rest of shoe does not therefore, if I don't put a non slip grip on the toes I will probably hit the floor. 

Overall if your into fashion, and the whole Missoni brand then I suggest to check out your local Target and see what you can get your hands on considering the price for Missoni at department stores are extremely expensive so for a fraction of the price get your hands on whatever you can. These ballet flats were only $30 Missoni flats at Nordstroms, and Saks Fifth Avenue run anywhere from $60-460 on Zappos Coutoure.  The ones on Zappo's are very similar, the color is a little different  but the pattern is pretty straight on.

I'm not sure what will be restocked on the website, or if they're even restocking the site at all but in stores they will be restocking things here, and there through Oct 22 so I'm sure I'll be making some random stops to see what they get back in. 

Did you pick anything up?


  1. My Target was also wiped out, only kids clothes were left! :o(

  2. Ive seen ads on this collection and Ive been lately to two Targets in different cities and nothing was left there for me :( Then theyre talking about economic crisis, lol everybody's shopping like crazy haha, thanks for sharing :)

  3. those shoes are adorable!! i need to check out my target..thanks for letting me know they came out with a target collection:))

  4. the only thing I wanted was their bike, and their squared-toe black pumps but evrything was taken. I totally forgot about the collab. and I definitely paid for my absent minded brain!

    I hope you do a post with your new shoes on! I wanna see how you wear them and with what.

  5. Yep, only a few rain boots, flats and kids clothes were left at my target.

    I have a picture on my page of the complete emptiness. =/

  6. those are sooo cute! I wish I had a target closer :(

  7. lucky you! i didnt go on the first day but on the second everything was gone, nothing left LOL. But lots of stuff are on ebay and they are triple the price. I dont support ebay unless its vintage so whatever :) the flats are so cute though

  8. It's great you were able to get something. I still want to get the makeup brush set

  9. Super Cute shoes, love the print!! I didn't get anything from this collection:( Hope you get your hands on the items you wanted!!<3