Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Multiple hues of Blue NOTD

As I was browsing through my Glamour magazine inside was another little magazine The Blogger Beauty Trend Report which was actually pretty neat because inside was 6 different beauty trends for the fall, some blogger favorites, step by step instructions on how to create certain looks, and last but not least they're were even coupons and who doesn't love to save a little money on makeup, I know I do! Inside this little handy 20 page trend report had a page called Dainty Digits Trend # 6 that read: "The boundaries are virtually endless for this trend since you have so many nails to paint. Colors, nudes, pattern's, anything goes". In the picture each nail was painted a different color, pink, plum, and orange which I thought was so pretty, and different considering the last time I painted each finger a different color I was probably 10. lol
I didn't want to go that extreme, and paint my nails 5 different random colors, so I decided I would paint them 4 different hues of blues. I was initially wanting to do a gradient on my fingers of lighter blues going into darker blues or vise versa well, I'm not the crafty type nor do I have a steady hand for that.

On my index finger I used the Hard Candy's Sky blue. This shade is a gorgeous soft baby blue with a little iridescent darker hue of blue when it hits the right light. This one is probably my favorite out of all of them just because the blue is seriously the perfect shade of pale baby blue. The formula of this shade is a little on the thinner side, and for it to become opaque you do have to apply two- three coats. Which is alright with me because I just love this color.

My middle finger, and my thumb were the Essie coat azure or ccat azuze my bottle reads ( I think mine has a typo) which is from their spring 2011 French affair collection. This would probably be my next favorite, and would look great in the cold winter season. The formula is definitely thicker then any of the other 3, and even dry's pretty fast. Its a overall gorgeous shade that would look amazing on any skin tone. 

My ring finer was the OPI I want to be a lone star from their summer 2011 Texas Collection. This is very similar to the Hard Candy Sky color however, this color does pull a little more grey, and has almost a silver undertone. The consistency of this formula is pretty thin. I mainly love OPI because of their applicator being so big which usual means you apply less strokes. To become opaque again you do have to apply around two- three coats. 

Last but not least, on my little baby pinky was the NYC Empire State Blue. I was actually surprised at how opaque this color was, it being as dirt cheap as it was this one by far lasted longer then any of the other 3 yet it might just be because it was on my pinky, and I hardly ever use my pinky for anything. The color is almost a electric blue. Very pretty, does have a little green sheer to it. 

I figured rather then painting my ring finger something different, this would be an alternative to my plain solid color fingers. Maybe one day I'll have the patience to learn how to step outside of my comfort zone, and try to be a little artsy. However, until then I'm fine with my plain Jane, or multiple colored nails that kind of look like my nephew decided to paint them.

Hope your having a great day!


  1. love it! i have the essie polish its my fav!

  2. OPI I want to be a lone star - is my favourite - also these colours will go great with your eyes :)

  3. Love the mix of blues! It looks really pretty & unique, which I love! I defiantly want to pick up that Essie blue polish:) Thanks for sharing doll! Loved it:)