Monday, September 5, 2011

♡OPI Bright lights big color: NOTW

Since summer is pretty much coming to an end I decided I wanted to pull out this OPI Bright lights big color. This is a gorgeous coral color with peach and gold tones. This color is part of OPI's brights collection. The consistency of this polish is probably one of my favorites that OPI has came out with. The formula is super thick, but not to thick that it doesn't try fast, and it applies beautifully. When the light hits it just right you can see some gold sheer in the formula. It only takes one coat for this color to be completely opaque however, I did apply two. For my index finger I did apply Forever 21's love & beauty gold glitter polish.

Overall this polish probably one of my favorites for the summer. Bright lights big color is very similar to Melon of Troy by OPI although, this one really hits home. This color is perfect for the summer, and honestly it makes me a little sad that it's almost over. For a top coat I did use Seche Vite for the first time and I was super impressed with how fast it dried, and I'm crossing my fingers it will help my chipping dilema. 

Do you have this color? 


  1. @CottonCandy & @Charlotte Thanks loving it :) xo

  2. that color is so perfect! it's the shade of summer. love the gold nail too!

  3. very nice! Im now also wearing OPI:)

  4. gorgeous color! i can't wait until fall colors though!

  5. Summer or not, I will always love corals. It's such a fun and fresh color :)

  6. I'm going to miss the pretty pink colors of Summer! I love how you did the gold nail - I am into the one different nail color right now - I think it is such a cool look!