Friday, September 9, 2011

whats in my purse

Purses have always been something I've obsessed over. It all began once I landed my first job. I would save my checks up to buy purses, I'd pick a nice purse over a pair of pumps any day. I'm not sure what it is about it but one of the first things I notice is a woman's purse. Normally I love to carry a HUGE bag unless I'm going somewhere that I don't necessarily need a larger bag I will occasionally switch to a smaller bag, but usually the bigger the better. I'm one to pack for emergency's. What I always say to my fiance is "what if I need that". lol To be honest these post are probably my most favorite to read. Not that I'm nosy, I just like to see the different things woman need in their purse, its funny actually becasue some things I might find a necessity (5 lippes) in my purse some wouldn't think twice about. I decided since I was switching my purse out today why not do a post on it considering it is one of my favoirtes to read, and I figured that the day I change my purse is probably the cleanest it will be until I switch it out again. I usually like to keep my purse clean but sometimes I can't help but throw unnecessary recites in the bottom of my bag, or even gum rappers when their are no trash cans to be found. Considering I just switched to this bag I don't have the usual snacks in the bag yet. I usually like to keep myself a Luna bar, banana whatever it may be to help me get through the day.

  • Hello Kitty mirror
  • Beauty Rush lip gloss
  • Maybelline lip balm
  • Vs lip butter
  • Back comb
  • mini deodorant 
  • Vs mints
  • Gum
  • eos lip balm
  • whisks 
  • nail file
  • two pens
  • floss
  • Juicy lotion
  • Excedrin migraine
  • John Freda hair spray
  • Wallet
  • Makeup bag
  • Phone usually * not pictured
  • Keys * not pictured
  • Anti bacteria hand sanatizer * not pictured
My makeup bag is another story, the little goodies I stuff in this bag
  • msf natural
  • brush don't know where I got it just small enough to fit
  • elf nail polish remover- I hate having chipped polish I'd rather have none
  • clear coat
  • bobby pins
  • hair ties
  • contact case
  • dry eyes drops
  • Vs body perfume
  • another nail file I don't know why I have two
  • Maybelline Falsies mascara- love this
  • Revlon nude attitude lipstick
  • Kleenex 
  • blotting papers
  • Revlon  color stay eyeliner

I'm really not sure why I don't get a larger bag, keep in mind then I would probably have more junk that I probably don't need but you never know. The minute I take something out, I'll need it that's just how it works.

What do you keep in your bag?


  1. I need to do one of these. I dont think I have done one yet. But I agree the bigger the bag the better. My dad always gives me crap for my large I love that you have the " what if i need these" items in your purse hehe.

  2. i love what u bring...
    they are all essentials...
    same here, i love large purse...

  3. @pinkglam haha yes you do! I love reading them!! Yes "what if" lol

    @Camilla they really are, and I know the second I don't have it I will need it.

  4. Youre too cute! Love it! You definitely carry around your life in there! I used to do that but then I realized I didnt use half the stuff so I stopped.. Dont get me wrong sometimes I realize the things I took out I need so I freak out and then realize I took it out and it's my own dark fault!

    What I did was I made a travel thingy and put it in my car. It's filled with Advil, lotion, Tide wipes, Wet ones, chapstick, and? I think thats it! lol I always leave it in my glove compartment inside alittle bag, because I typically need that stuff on the go but if I dont lug it around in my purse!

    I love all your stuff though! ANDDD LOVE YOUR BAG!!


  5. I like your purse! And you do bring a lot of stuff but I see that most of them are really essentials. :)

  6. Im a fan of big purses also, I find myself cleaning my purse out at leat once a week because if I dont it will be full of junk haha but it seems you have all the essentials :)

  7. i love your purse! i always love these posts for some reason because you can really tell how a person is from what they carry inside haha. and you are obviously a beauty junkie like me! :)

  8. My Purse is huge, I have everything you have and more, this is making me realize I need to clean out my purse!! :o)

  9. Love your blog, so inspirational! And ahhhh, such a great post!!
    Follow each other? :)