Sunday, October 2, 2011

♡ elf hits

Elf products are usually a hit or a miss for me. Despite my rather disappointing online custormer service I still don't mind trying whatever products I can find at any local Grocery Store that carries elf. (Target, Meijer) They're are a few things that I really wouldn't mind ordering offline, and they usually have some pretty great deals and coupon codes every now and then. Elf products are super inexpensive and I love the blushes.

As for misses I figured I'd do that in a complete separate post. With elf products I get a little nervous because a few things here and their have really broke me out and it wasn't pretty. All of these products I've had for quite some time now so I've got a good feel of them and safely they don't bother my skin.


Complexion Brush: This synthetic hair'd brush works great when applying a setting powder, or a bronzer. I love how soft the brush is, although it isn't my favorite brush but it does a pretty great job.

Powder Brush: This brush is my favorite elf brush. It works great to use on its side to contour your cheeks. 

Blushing bronzing and blending angled brush: This brush works great for smaller areas, your crease. 

Blending brush: works great to add color to the V area.


Giddy Gold: this color is great when going for a little more subtle look, very pretty mixing with other colors, or to even use as a highlight.

Candid Coral: This might be my favorite. I do have two, a full one and one in the contouring duo that has a really pretty bronzer. Its a gorgeous pinky peach color perfect for the summer and is suppose to be a dupe of Nars orgasm.

Fushia Fusion: This is a really pretty baby pink, I don't have any pinks like this and if your just looking for a flush of color this is perfect for that.


Eyebrow kit: I have the color medium. Its my favorite brow color I've ever used. Its very natural and matches perfectly. This does include a waxy darker brown color, and a lighter powdery brown. 

Eyelashes in natural and dramatic: Both are great, the dramatic lashes are great for a night look. I have very thin short lashes so the dramatic are great for a more bold eye. The natural eyes are perfect for a day look.

Elf set and mist: This is wonderful when you need to refresh, or set your makeup. It does have aloe and vitamin a, c and e.

Brush Shampoo: This shampoo works great for face, or eye brushes. 

Mineral Infused Primer: This is one of my favorite primers. It gives you a smooth flawless finish before you apply your foundation filling in your fine lines, and pores. This primer is very mattifying and doesn't clog my pores.

Compact: This compact is very durable, and very handy. They're super cheap and it even fits your Mac eyeshadows. 

Makeup Removing clothes: I love to use these before I cleanse my face. It doesn't leave a greasy film on my face, and it works fabulous.

Eye Makeup Remover Wipes: These are simple, and works super fast to swipe off any waterproof mascara.

Nail Polish Remover Wipes: I love to put these in my purse, just in case my nail chips while I'm out and about I can easily remove my polish so I'm not looking  a hot mess.

Lip definer, and shaper: I wasn't really feeling this product at first but now I actually really enjoy it. One end is a nude color to line your lips to make them appear fuller, the other end has a highlight color great for your cupids bow.


Classy lipstick although I've only used this once its still a great color, and looks really pretty on. I just have so many others that are very similar that I like much more. The color is a gorgeous mauve color. 

Flirtacious: This is a really pretty hot pink. I don't use this one to much either because I have a few hot pinks but these are very moisturizers and really looks great.

Luscious liquid lipstick: This is the color baby pink, I LOVE this I use this a lot and its the perfect on the go baby pink. 

What's your favorite elf products?



  1. Awesome post! I love elf products the flat top brush is my fav!

  2. I love the powder brush and blush/contour duo! I use both almost everyday.

    I definitely want to try some of this other stuff out though!

  3. You make me wanna give ELF another shot! :)

    I am a new follower! Check out my blog if you want!

    <3 LJ

  4. wow i must be missing out, i have never tried any elf products but now I'm thinking i should, great post!

  5. I've only ever tried one product from them as elf isn't widely available here in Australia. I've only tried the all over cover stick as a concealer and loved it. That blush/bronzer duo looks lovely.


  6. The flat top powder brush is the best! I use it to put on my foundation. I also love their dramatic lashes and they are only a dollar! Can't beat that. :)

  7. love those products!!!

  8. I have never heard of Elf products - will have to check them out :) x

  9. Totally agree with you on Elf products. Espesh with lots of recent 50% off a lot of people tend to purchase EVERYTHING and then only really love and use a few. I love the blush and contour and the minieral primer and of course the brushes!


  10. I love Elf! I've had a few things that were total misses, but most of the things I've tried have been great. I love their Kabuki brush.

  11. I find elf to be a hit or miss too. I like their blushers. Have yet to experience their brushes.

    I don't really care for their eyeshadows or brush shampoo

  12. You got so much! I have yet ti try elf stuff because I am so stuck on MAC. I need to give it a shot though! Thanks for sharing love! xox

  13. Awesome stuff!! Love ELF Blush and Brushes!

    I realized you asked about Bobbi Brown's foundation.. the one I use is the Moisture Rich Foundation because I have dry skin and it's unbelievably moisturizing... although I believe I had read that you have oily skin. Correct me if I am wrong so I can continue to help you..

    Lets just say you do have oily skin.. the foundation I use will not help you.. BUT luckily Bobbi Brown has a foundation called Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15. It's for oily/combination skin. I'd say to check that out. Its long lasting and will leave a matte finish. Doesnt hurt to grab a sample or two and go from there!

    Keep me posted!


  14. wow! you have quite a few things from elf :) i also love some of their stuff like duo blush/bronzer and singe blushes (candid coral and peachy keen), flat top and few others :) Not all of their products appeal to me though. I'm pretty curious which one you don't like, keep us updated, lol
    i'm joining you as a fan
    when you spare a minute visit my blog