Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall ♡Wishlist

I've never done a wishlist post before, but since I was browsing some things that I wanted I figured I'd share my top 10 things. Brandyn asked me to make him a wish list for Christmas yes Christmas lol. He thought it would be a good idea to get started. At first I thought he was a little nuts but to be honest its a great idea to start early and be get it done, or if your anything like me you probably will wait until the last minute. I think this year I'm going to avoid the busy roads, and malls and do my Christmas shopping online. I can't stand waiting in line for countless hours, getting pushed around, stepped on, its crazyness. The only time I want to go out shopping is on black Friday because they usually have the best deals.

1. Sam Edelman: $225 they're a little pricey for pumps but look at these! I LOVE them so much they're gorgeous, edgy, and so me!

2. Chanel Illusion D'ombre: $36 My favorite is Emerveille but I wouldn't mind most of the colors. They're a cream eyeshadow I've heard a lot of great reviews and honestly cream shadows are usually pretty effortless but looks like you spent a lot of time doing your eye makeup.

3. Dior Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow- Jungle Print: $90 is a little pricey for eyeshadow, but this is just something that is just so unique, and different and I absolutely love it.

4. Sigma 12 kit coral brush kit: $99 Helloooooo They're pink, why wouldn't I want them. This brush set includes every brush that you need and they're so pretty. I love Sigma brushes so I figured I'd get a kit to make them a little more uniform.

5. Hello Kitty Palette: $49 I love this, I love hello kitty and this would be a great collectors item. It comes with 25 eyeshadows, and 10 lippies. I'm not sure the size yet and since its limited edition, and just came out I'm thinking once I hear the reviews I'll have a better understanding if I really want it. I'm just hoping its not anything really small.

6. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch: $250 For the fall I love rose gold. Its very classy, trendy, and gorgeous. It really polishes your look.

7. H&M Orange dress: $30 This dress comes in 3 gorgeous colors, perfect for fall, and you could even pair with leggings. I love how feminine this dress is.

8. These shoes are on shoe dazzle: $39 They were in my last months showroom so I'm not sure how easy it will be to find them but honestly I don't care if they were a different brand I just really like this off brown leather flat boots. Very comfy for school.

9. H&M Blazer: $50 I love the way this blazer looks. The color combo is very unique. I think this blazer would look great dressed up or down.

10. Michael Kors Hamilton Distressed Tote: $348 I have a HUGE purse obsession, I'd rather have purses over shoes any day. I don't know what it is but I'm a huge sucker for a nice bag. It doesn't have to be designer every time but this bag really calls my name. Its the perfect size, and the mocha color is simply amaz!

What's are you dreaming about lately?


  1. love no.4!!!! PINK brushes are absolutely gorgeous!!!! love love love!!!

    thanks for dropping by my blog and for following...followed u back!

  2. I want your entire wishlist, just sayin'. LOL

  3. SERIOUSLY, WE WERE SEPARATED AT BIRTH! I CANT seem to understand how we could possibly live across the country from eachother! I feel like we're twins!!!

    LOVEEEEEEE your wishlist!! I have to give you feedback because this irony cracks me up!! I am writing numbers next to everything I say bc it pertains to the numbers and things on your list!

    1. Sam Edelman pumps are AMAZING! I actually purchased them a few months ago. I was heading to do an actresses makeup in NYC and I wanted to dress up my look for her movie premiere that she invited me to after I did her makeup.. LITERALLY wore those pumps to walk a few blocks in NYC, to the movie premiere, and back to my car to head home and I lost about 5 spikes! WORST EVER! I realized it the next morning when I was putting them away in their box (I always put my shoes back in the box they came in, idk why? lol) and I was SO UPSET! I talked to my hubby and he was like "WHAT!" He LOVED them but the spikes that fell off were sooo noticeable there was NO WAY I could keep them! I returned them back to Nordstrom and the guy said I wasnt the first person with that complaint! :( --- Just wanted to warn you, they truly are amazing and the color you posted was the exact ones I owned.. but losing the spikes is seriously super crappy - for the price they should not do that! <3

    3. I totally saw the Hello Kitty palette at Sephora as well!! I almost fell over! Check your email and see if you got your 10% off!! I just got mine today!! ALSO, MUFE has a SMOKY PALETTE coming soon... google it if you dont know what I'm talking about! I think you'll love it too!! It's not out yet but I will be jumping over mountains for it when it does!

    8. I JUST purchased boots similar to these!! I am going to do a post on them shortly (I'll be doing a haul of a bunch of crap) -- I got them from DSW.. I think you'll love them as well!! go to DSW.COM and search: Diba Combat Over The Knee Boot $69.95. With coupons and stuff I got them for $40.00!!!! I got them in the brown color. They are true to size as well and SO COMFORTABLE! Check them out!!

    4. Sigma Brushes are LOVE! I own 1 Brush, how pathetic! Lol Other makeup artists I have worked with SWEAR by them! Your #4 is definitellllyyyyyy going to be in my hands one day! Maybe I can ask Santa for them for Christmas? lol

    6. I OWN THIS WATCH! Lol I actually own the same exact one in Glitz Chronograph Blair by Michael Kors. Its Silver with Rose Gold accents. I LOVE IT and LOVE your pick tooo!!!

    10. THIS PURSE IS TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN LOVE!! This is so up my alley it's not even funny! Lol I love how you say you love purses more then shoes, and SO DO IIIII!!! I once had so many handbags my hubby made me sell some! Lol He wouldnt allow me to move into the new house or even purchase a new bag until I got rid of some! There's a post I wrote about it! lol Pathetic!

    This post among most of your others really shows we have the same taste in everything! lol I love reading your blog seriously!


  4. Ugh, I've been in loveee with Sam Edelman lately.. just wish it wasn't so expensive!

    - Jaimie

  5. LOVE your wishlist, I have been wanting to get that pink brush set for the longest time. I have the blue one but I also want the pink haha :) That Hello Kitty palette is super cute, I love everything Hello Kitty :) Definitely something I want to get :)

  6. i love your number 4! wow, all those brushes, that's my dream!! plus, they're pink!

  7. great taste you have! i so need the sigma brush kit as well!

  8. Aww thanks for ur sweet commment and thanks for follwing!so lovely of u : )

  9. i've been dreaming about boots and scarves. I love the boots you picked, i've been looking for a similar style but in black.

  10. Nice picks!

  11. These are all such great finds!! Those shoes are amazing & also love the orange H&M dress - gorgeous... you have great taste!! xox

  12. i want everything you want! and that dior palette is to die for! i saw it in a vogue magazine and i was like OMG if I was a palette thats what I would look like lol :)

  13. omg 4 and 5 are totally irresistible!!!