Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween FOTN & OOTN +Costume

Hey Guy's I hope your having a great HALLOWEEN weekend :) Tonight me & Brandyn are wearing our Tarzan/Jane/ cave woman costumes that I made. lol We were trying to figure out something else to be, but couldn't and Brandyn really wanted to wear this costume once again. I actually really like it. Not only because I made them but no one will have the same costume as us.

For the top all I did was sew on the furry fabric onto a bathing suit top and glued the bottom fur along the bottom of the bathing suit top. For the bottoms I sewed the fabric onto a bathing suit bottom and cut the fabric up and down in length. I used that same fur as a belt and tied it around my waist just above the top of the bottoms. The necklace is purchased from the Halloween store. My bracelet is actually cut off from the shoes I got but I didn't wanna wear them so I tied it up my arm. For shoes I'm wearing black leg warmers with some wedges.

For my face
elf mineral infused primer
Clean & Clear moisturizer
Chanel perfection lumiere 32
Revlon pressed powder in medium/light
elf Bronzer to contour cheeks, hairline, and jawline
Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner in black
Two Faced lash injection mascara
Falsies can't remember from where
Urban decay naked on lid
Urban Decay Buck in crease
Urban Decay primer potion
L'Oreal Sultry Ravens Pout lipstick
elf lip definer & Shaper
elf eyebrow kit in medium
ybf universal eyebrow pencil
&& Sun Labs for nice natural looking tan I have going on. 

For my hair I just used the Garnier Surf hair paste, and put a leopard bow in it to get it out of my face on one side.

I Hope you all have a fun & safe Halloween!  


  1. i love the messy hair for this costume , too cute!

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  2. What a hottie!!! LOVEEEEE your big hair!!!

  3. Hot Mama! Look at you!
    Happy Halloween!!

  4. hahaha love this! it's really original :)


  5. HOTNESS!! Your body is AMAZING! Request: Can you do a fitness video/post? Pretty please? :)

  6. you look gorgeous, great figure!

  7. One of my costume ideas was to be a cave woman, your costume sure looks awesome and super sexy! I finally opted for a Pikachu ahah!

  8. You look gorgeous! Can't believe you made this costume

  9. You look stunning. Could you do a fitness video

  10. Such a cute costum! Awe u should a carried a bat like flinestones lol..

  11. @cotton candy Thanks lol it was super easy

    @Mercedes Thanks love :)

    @Sadee @Girlieandglam appreciate it

    @Chloe Thanks first costume I've made.

    @Tao I was thinking about it :) <3

    @claire thanks love

    xoxo Thanks girls!! HOpe you all have a great Halloween

  12. Beautiful Blog

    -Mia xo