Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mac ♡ Lightscapade

Mac's Lightscapade sold out online within a day, and in stores faster then I could get my hands on it. Usually The Mac store near me doesn't sell out of their limited edition products that quickly but this msf sold out within 2 days. However, I checked the website daily and finally one day they had it up for sale again, so I got it while I could.

Although, I don't think theirs really nothing to special about this mineral skinfinish/highlight. I do think it is beautiful to look at. On your cheekbones it adds a soft peachy, silver pearl giving your skin a gorgeous  iridescent glow when applied on top of blush, or lightly dust a small amount under your eyebrow arches for a subtle shimmer highlight. It would look super pretty if applied to your collar bone to add a little glam to your skin as well.

Overall I'd say you can pass on this highlight if your not a collector of msf. Honestly I'm not a huge "collector" myself but this I thought would be a great addition to my collection because latley highlights and blushes really steal my heart. The color is stunning, I just don't think its unique, but what highlight is its a highlight.. I'm not quite sure how well it would show up on darker skin because some days (after I apply self tanner) I find myself having to add more the usual for it to show up on my skin.

I hope everyone had a great dayy! Its been pouring rain all day here, and super cold. I guess the Indian summer is over.

xo Jenn


  1. this looks so pretty, lovely glow!

  2. nice!!! love the shade!

  3. I just ordered mine!!!

    Im so excited

  4. really gorgeous! gives you that nice glow. i cant wear highlighters cause i have oily skin and huge pores and it would only emphasize that haha. but if i could i would get this one

  5. I wanted this when it first came out, but never got my hands on it. I guess if I ever come across it, then I might try it out, otherwise I guess I'm not missing much. Thank you for the review!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. This highlighter gives you a gorgeous glow!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. this is so beautiful!! hopefully i can find it at my mac counter