Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nicki Minaj ♡ Nail Polish Collection

Ever since Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Cd debut I've been SOO intrigued by her. Not only is her music so unique, her personal style is really what makes her Nicki Minaj. Her sense of style is like no one else. She's fearless, girly, edgy, dramatic, and doesn't go by any rules and that's why I'm super excited she's coming out with her OWN nail polish collection by OPI. Each polish resembles her personality, and style. Their are 6 bold gorgeous colors each named after one of her hit songs. These colors all remind me of her so much its crazy. I can't wait until January!

Fly: is a gorgeous electric blue. Very bold, and bright. I absolutely love her song fly with Rihanna it's probably one of my favorite songs by her. This color reminds  me a lot of her makeup in her Super Bass video.

Save Me: is a multi color glitter. Very fun.  The glitter pieces are almost looks like confetti.

Super Bass: I LOVE THIS video. Its crazyy, and this color fits it perfectly. Its a burgundy shatter, and lately I've been a little more into the shatter polishes.

Did It on Em: Ok, I am obsessed with most of the songs because I LOVE this one too. I know I love them all but if you heard her cd you'd understand. I still have it in one of my cd slots in my car and its been their for almost a year now and it never gets old. This color also reminds me of the Super Bass song. She wore a bright neon yellowish/lime green eyeshadow.

Metallic for Life: is another fun glitter. This glitter is more of a black base with big chunky metallic silver glitters. Very girly, and fabulous.

Pink Friday: Now we all know that Nicki Minaj couldn't have a nail polish collection without her signature pink shade. I mean the  name of her cd is Pink Friday, and she has her own Pink Friday Mac Lipstick. Its a must have color. Very bright, bold, and beautiful.

What color are you most looking forward to?

xo Jenn


  1. I can't wait for this! I'm a huge nicki minaj fan

  2. wow the colors are very out there.

  3. I neeeeed pink friday, wow!


  4. Oooh these colours look great!

  5. Nice colors might hve to pick up 1 maybe 2 not liking them all. Thnx for sharing sweetie.

  6. this collection looks awesome, I cant wait :)

  7. pretty colors, love the pink friday polish ;-)

  8. OMG the polishes are gorge! Especialy did it on em!!!! I love that song as well ;););)

    Have you checked out the muppet collection from O.PI??? the colours are freaking amazing!!!! they are chunky glitters:D:D:D

  9. This looks like such a fun collection!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. oh, pink friday and fly - definitely, these are simply gorgeous! all are nice, but those are my favorite:) what about you? want to have full collection? ::)

  11. I CANT wait!!! I want them all!! lol

  12. Can't wait for this collection, love the glitters and pink friday. January please come soon xx