Wednesday, October 5, 2011

September ♡ Favorites

I hope all had a fabulous Month of September. I can't believe its already October. Seriously where does time go? Although, its been getting super cold at night, the days are still reaching 70 degrees. 
(Thank Goodness) I usually don't mention essentials as favorites but a few of these I've really been happy with.

Chanel Chance Perfume: this is a rediscovered favorite, and is my second bottle. I really love the other Chanel Chance, but this one lately has really won over my heart. The scent lingers where ever I go, and sometimes I still smell this throughout the house the next day. LOVE THIS.

Luster NOW instant toothpaste: This is a new discovery. I usually don't like to switch up my essentials to much because I'm usually pretty happy with them, and they just work for me. I still love my crest 3d toothpaste although, this really does a great job of instantly brightening my teeth. 

Essie Carry On: This I've been wearing on my toes for about two weeks and I just think the color is stunning. I do find myself re doing them after a week because the polish chips. The color appears to almost look black but you can definitely see the plum purple in the right lighting. Gorgeous color for the fall.

Essie Lady Like: I LOVE this color. period. Its amazing, long lasting, gorgeous, elegant, and the formula is one of my favorites from essie. I did a NOTD last week here.

Hana Flat Iron: I never realized how great a flat iron could be until I used this one. I did do a full review on my last post so I'll spare the time.

Benefit Cream Eyeshadow: This has been my go to eyeshadow color for the last few weeks, especially on the days I dont' have time, or I'm just going to class and don't want to wear a ton of makeup. Its a gorgeous champagne color. This color looks great alone, or even with a brown color in the v and I'm out the door. A great simple effortless look.

Dove Intimate Deoderant: I had to put this in my favorites because I just can't begin to tell you how much better feeling my armpits are after using this. It really moisturizes, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, and not so dry like my other deodorant did. It doesn't leave a big flaky white mess Yayy! I've had the worst luck with deodorants.

Tarte Park Avenue Princess: Looking at this bronzer without swatching it I thought it looked a little dark, glittery, and would pull orange. WELL I was completely wrong and I did a full review here. I actually love this to contour my cheek bones.

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour: I did a full review of this foundation as well here. This foundation really leaves my skin mat, and hydrated just what my skin needed. The color match is PERFECT. It leaves my face looking flawless.

Shu uemura: I didn't know what I was missing out until I got this eyelash curler. I can get so close to my eye lids without it pulling, or tugging on my eyes/eyelashes. It really curls my thin short lashes making them appear like I actually have lashes for once. 

Maybelline color sensational lipstick Popsicle: This isn't a lipstick so I'm not sure why they call it that. However, for a lip balm its pretty nice. I does leave my lips pretty moisturized and I do find myself using it a lot more lately since its getting a little colder. The only thing I don't like about this is that I have to apply half the tube just for it to feel like I have a balm on.

Mac equilibrium blush: This quickly became a favorite of mine. I love how natural and easy it is to apply. This color looks great with just about any look. Its the perfect natural nude color that really looks great on my skin tone. I did do a review and swatch of this blush here.

What were you favorites last month?


  1. love the nail polishes you picked & I am so going to try that deodorant! I have the worst luck with them too... Thanks for sharing love! xox

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  2. Ive never heard of that tooth paste! I have been meaning to ask you what shadows you were wearing in your video when you were explaining about your cat (which i'm so sorry about) It looked AMAZING! Please let me know :-)

  3. Great favourites hun, I especially love the equilibrium blush, such a lovely natural shade. xo

  4. I love the essie nude color! I will have to look into it. As well, I've been hearing so much good stuff about the shu uemura curler. I have miserable little lashes, I may have to splurge and try! xoxo Jen

  5. Great favs, I also love the Benefit shadow

  6. you chose really good fav's! love the polishes!

  7. I want to try the Benefit cream eye shadow and Smashbox foundation!

  8. I also love Lady Like by Essie I have been wearing it like crazy!

  9. I love the fall Essie collection!


  10. Great picks. I am loving Essie's Lady Like too. Great color. <3


  11. love the looks of that mac blush!!

  12. Great favs!!! I love the Tarte bronzer, its one of my favs!


  13. I love favouites post, chanel chance is a perfume id really like to try.
    Essie nude polish is a gorgeous shade!


  14. I love essie nail polishes they are one of my favorite brands..
    I really like seeing what others love... :) and gotta say I have been wanting to try Smashbox foundation! I think I will give it a go after reading your review!
    Thanks this post

  15. Thanks for sharing your September favorites!:D

    I've been loving neutral nails.:D

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