Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fav ♥ Fall Nail Polishes

Hi Everyone 
I hope you all had a great weekend. Since Winter is coming soo fast I decided I wanted to share my favorite fall polishes. This season I've been really enjoying so many different fall colors it was hard to choose only 8.  These are just a few of the colors that I've been really enjoying this season.

Chanel Peridot: This I did do a notd post with here. This color is absolutely gorgeous. Its very appropriate and fits the whole metallic fall trend which I've been really loving!

Essie Lady Like: This is probably MY FAVORITE fall color. Its a stunning mauve color. Very elegant, and feminine. I did a notd post here.

Essie Very Structured: I've wore this a few times and it just really reminds me of fall and when the leaves start to change. Its a perfect fall transition color, and I absolutely have been really digging the whole burnt oranges this season. I haven't gotten a chance to photograph this color on my nails next time I wear it I will snap a shot.

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia: This color is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love glitter of course, but with the black base, and the big chunky fuchsia glitters its absolutely perfect. 

Revlon Starry Pink: This is another really pretty glitter. The color isn't opaque and it does need a base color applied underneath but overall I'm just very pleased with the color in general. I know its not your ideal "fall" shade but I love it, and it goes along with the whole metallic trend. I did do a notd post here with the facets of fuchsia color if you want to see what it looks like on.

Essie Very Cranberry: This is an older shade. However, I just adore the classic red shade, but I don't think red looks as good on me so an alternative color would be a burgundy, or a cranberry color. 

Essie Carry On: Is another black based purple but its not so harsh. Don't get me wrong I actually really love black during the fall and winter months but I just really think this purple gives a little edgyness to your look. Very chic, and feminine. It does take a few coats to get opaque.

Essie Glamour Purse: This is the perfect milky almond nude color for the fall time. Very simple, yet classy. Its a very clean everyday look especially if your work doesn't allow you to wear darker vampy shades. ( I use to work somewhere that didn't allow any "abnormal shades" no purples, darks, or odd brights) boring I know so  I know how you feel. This is a great girly touch to keep you looking polished.

Revlon Steel her heart: This color is a silvery greyish metallic shade. I've been really into the grays, and silvers a lot this season and this color really has been one I've been pulling out the most. It looks as great as it does in the bottle as it does on your hand. 


  1. great choices! i love those essie polishes!

  2. Hey Jenn:) I gave you a award! Check out my blog to see what it is :)

  3. So many gorgeous shades! The Chanel one looks gorgeous xxx

  4. loveing thre colours

    essie if forever amazing

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  5. Dark colors and sparkles are my thing so I love the Revlon Fuchsia

  6. wow,amazing photos!

  7. I just got Facets of Fuchsia today and I'm wearing it already and I love it! so pretty and quite unusual to have a black base. Great picks x

  8. revlon has put out such lovely shades lately :) i love all the essie colors you picked out! all are so wearable!

  9. I love Essie's new Winter collections!

  10. Revlon Facets of Fuchsia is my favorite of your list. I have it and I'm in love. Actually all this fall I've been wearing tones of dark based glitter polishes, either bought that way or layered that way!