Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Revlon Lip Butters ♡

SO as everyone knows Revlon debuted their ever so famous lip butters a month or so ago, and lately I've been really OBSESSED! I initially picked up my first one last month and really loved it. After that one I hardly could find them anywhere again. So lately I've been on the hunt where ever I go I make a point to check them out. Well I've collected about 5 of them 7 all together but 2 are for stocking stuffers. Some are pigmented then others but they are pretty amazing for a drug store lip product, and now I understand what all the rave is about. Their suppose to be a tinted lip balm with the pigmentation of a lipstick. The lasting power of these aren't the greatestest but pretty ideal. They all are very moisturizing, probably the most moisturizing lip product I've tried in a while. They are adding these lip butters to their permanent collection so no worries if you can't find them anywhere. *like me* The colors I picked up were Creme Brule, Lollipop, Sugar Frosting, Sugar Plum, Gumdrop.

Creme Brule: This one is by far one of my favs. Its very pigmented for a nude. I find myself wearing a lot more nudes then anything so I love this.

Lolipop: This color was the reason I picked up a few more. This one is probably one of the most pigmented. It applies like a balm. A little goes a long way with these suckers so you hardly have to use up any product. The color is a gorgeous fuchsia shade. I will be picking up a back up of this one!

Sugar Frosting: This one is a little on the sheer side. It is a softer baby pink, the pigmentation isn't all that great and applies/ looks more like a balm. This one is smells soo good. its very nice if your not looking for hardly any color.

Gum Drop: This I got because I've been on a hunt for a really soft purple. This one isn't as pigmented as Lollipop or Sugar Plum but its still pretty decent. I absolutely love this color. Its nothing too dramatic, yet its still very beautiful.

Sugar Plum: This color I've been on the hunt for for quite some time now! I could never find it. They had one left yesterday so I had to snag it up while I could. The color and pigmentation is amazing. I would say its almost as pigmented as the Lollipop. The color is a very pretty wine/plum color. The color payoff is pretty great, and I'm loving this color for the fall.

Overall these are pretty amazing. The price tag for these babies are a reasonable $8 especially because Rite aide, and CVS often have 40% off Revlon products. They ALL are very moisturizing, and most are pretty pigmented. The lasting power is pretty ideal, and the packaging is just sooo cute! I love the fact their is a clear top so that you can see the color of the product, and how the color of the tube is pretty close to the color of the product. The only thing I'm not to fond of is when you roll the product up to apply it and roll it back down you can see some of product smudging on the outside which could totally waste a lot of product depending on how many times you apply it a day. These are great stocking stuffers for the holidays. I'm sure I'll be picking up more of these once I come across them again.

Have you picked up any of these? What are you favorites?


  1. yes i have 1!!!and do you know why i have 1? because my CVS only had 1 left... i had no choice in the color i got, but it was pink so of course i loved it anyway ;-) went back a week later still empty shelves ;-(

  2. I have not tried these yet. I really like Creme Brule. :)

  3. We don't have these in Canada yet but im dying to try them:(


  4. I would love to try Gum Drop!

    I adore the names! :D

  5. I love the look of Gumdrops! Thanks for the swatches!

  6. I only have lollipop but i bought cotton candy and sugar frosting for my friend. i wanna try one of those red ones maybe purple too

  7. I have the sugar frosting and yes it smells soo good. Its very very sheer but it gives me a hint of color. Its great for everyday.

  8. I haven't found these at all yet in Canada. It's driving me crazy I want to get my hands on them

  9. theres so much hype about these i have to try them lol. i just saw thers a comment that we dont have it in canada yet. but im def getting my hands on these!

  10. awwe you are so lucky, I can't find them where I live yet! hopefully they come soon, I have heard sooo many good things about them!

  11. I'm gonna add these to my christmas wishlist as they look amazing!
    And because all of the Revlon lip products I've tried have been nothing but great, i have no doubt these butters will be amazing as well!


  12. Gumdrop is such a pretty colour :-)

  13. @Cotton Candy I NOOOOO Everytime I go no I can't find them

    @Dani I really like creme brule too prob one of my favs I wanna try creamcicle

    @Sd Sorryyy There prob will soon bc its going to be in there perm collection

  14. @RUbie its really pretty! sheer but pretty!

    cangie red looks good on you tho!

    @pinkglam I NOOOOO i wanna eat it

    thanks beautys

  15. These look amazing, I definitely want to try these, loving the swatches :) xo