Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Naked vs Naked 2

Hi Dolls

About a week and a half ago waiting at my door was my Naked 2 palette!! As soon as it debut on the 1st or 2nd I had to snatch this baby up and I'm glad I did because it was sold out within hours. However it has been restocked twice since then but who knows when they'll actually be out for a while so if your debating on purchasing this I would get your hands on it as fast as you can.  I think that they both look similar at glance, but swatched they are very different. Their is one color duplicated from the original in the 2nd which is half baked a very pretty shimmery gold. I was a little disapointed to see  that they couldn't have all completely different colors in this new palette. Their just was really no need for that, but what can you do.

In the new naked 2 palette they're 5 new colors. Again something I wasn't very impressed with, but 5 is better then none right? Their are 12 full size colors in each. My first initial thought once I opened the naked 2 palette I wasn't very impressed. Now that I've actually gotten the chance to play around with this palette more then a few times I actually can honestly say that I my first initial impression was wrong.

Looking at the two palette I can see people getting the same impression as I did and get discouraged to needing both. Now I'm not saying that you necessarily need both, but they are completely different other then the repeat gold color.

The original naked palette is more warmer colors. These colors pull a lot more darker, and some even pull "dirty" or/ muddy looking when applied. The new naked 2 palette is more on the cooler side. Very metallic taupe colors. Both palettes have majority of shimmery colors. The original naked has two mattes buck, and naked both which are some of my favorite colors in this palette. The naked 2 palette has three matte colors tease, blackout, and foxy. Tease is more of a plum, greyish color, blackout is a black very comparable to Macs carbon, and foxy is a very soft yellow vanilla color.

The naked 2 swatches

The origninal

Now on if you need both its acutally your personal preference. I feel that its defintiley worth to have them both considering a full size Urban Decay shadow runs $17-20 and a brush runs about the same price so you do the math. Its well over how much the palettes sell for. The orginal palette runs around $48 and the newer improved palette is $50. Now I know it might seem steep for eyeshadows but  they are well worth it. The pigmentation is amazing, and they apply so nicely, hardly needing any product at all.

For me I feel like I would get more use out of the 2 palette more peruse the original only because some colors towards the end of the palette do pull a little dirty and I just don't get as much use out of them as I do the first four colors. Now I'm not knocking the original palette at all. It has been a favorite of mine every since I got it. I love it, I just feel the 2nd palette has a lot more colors that suits my skin tone, and hair color. Thus far no colors pull dirty/muddy.
As far as packaging goes I would say I actually like the orginal palette packaging over the newer packaging. I feel the velour cardbord magnetic box was perfectly fine in my book. It was very easy to travel with and I liked the fact that you could bend it backwards. The newer palette is very sleek, however I do not like how big and clunky it is. It doesn't close shut very easily but those are just itty bitty minor things that aren't no biggy to me. I can see the newer packaging being benifical for others that might be nervous of breaking their palette. I do think the newer palette is a lot safer, but I take care of my things and haven't had anything happen to mine yet. *knock on wood* I wouldn't say you could bend the newer one backwards like you can the first not worrying about the plastic breaking, but I do like the fact the mirror is A LOT bigger therefore you can actaully see more then just one eye. These palette are suppose to be on Sephora's website around December 27th and in stores by mid to late January if you want to wait and swatch them your selves.

Overall I do think its benifical to have both. If your looking to only picking up one then I would say pick one that fits you best. What colors look better on your skin tone, and  your hair color. Something I like might not look good on other people. You have between warmer toned colors, and cooler toned colors Now for being simalar no they are not. That is like saying every neutral palette is the same. You can only go so far with neuturals, blacks, blues, purples what ever their are so only many colors to create. I'm sure their are not going to be completely different or it woudln't be a naked palette. I do belive this new palette is more of a naked eye palette. Both do come with a brush which I like the first one, but the second one just doesn't do anything, the blending end is just useless, and the shader brush is just very small. I would have rather got a primer potion in this palette rather then a lip junkie, but I can't complain when you get free things.

Heres a swatch of the lip junkie in naked.
I hope this was helpful.

Have you picked this palette up? What are your thoughts/ impressions


  1. i have it, i bought the first batch, i like it and I'm glad i bought it, not a HUGE difference between the 2 but both great palettes to own ;-)

  2. Great post.
    I the forst one and I may get the second one just not to sure yet.

  3. Thnx for sharing! They look too similar to me. Think I'll pass on these. =)

  4. I was thinking they were the same, but im seeing in the pics that im liking the 2 better :) I think the colors are more cool and I think it would be a pretty palette to have.

  5. They do look similar but a lot of reviews I've read say they're not really. I really want the Naked 2 Palette. I'm hoping someone will get it for me for Christmas! :)

  6. I have been eying the first NAKED palette, and I think Im going to stick with my decision. I swatched them today at sephora and I'm mad at myself for not going ahead and getting it! The only shade Im really wanting from NAKED2 in the black shade..LOve! Great Review as always!

  7. I have them both & Love them both. Your right they're not the same. I like shades from both so I can easily mix & match the palettes to create my own looks.
    Great review!

  8. @CottonCandy I love them both! I feel they are different. Their are a few colors similar but then again they can only make so many different colors.

    @Hunter Thanks dolL! Let me know what one you get!

    @pinkglam I NO its hard not to judge the first glance. xoxo boo

    @Donna dooooo it! hahah You'll love it.

    Tamera let me know what you think can't wait to see looks

    @TIffany I thought at first they were and I was totally bummed but I def been loving the 2nd :) can't wait to see what you do with yours! xo

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  10. I do sometimes have a problem with the first palette, some of the colors, look a bit muddy once applied. I hope Naked2 will work better for me,can't wait to get it!

  11. Im entering into the j&k lense giveaway I love the shiing charm in brown lenses!

  12. Hi I am entering your J&k cosmetic lens giveaway username on yt is TheShay1806 and I would love the Angelcolor Bambi Sesame gray contact lens thanks :)

  13. (J&K cosmetic's Circle Lenses REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!) YT: rd3sign/Flora-Black. Thank you so much for this review! I have the naked 1 palette and I have barely even dented any of the colors! I will pass on the naked 2 and wait to see how the naked 3 turns out? hahaha

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    I really love their Carmier City in the Sky in Blue/Green.

  15. excellent review Jen! I have to get my hands on it..i couldnt beleive how fast it sold out!

  16. I just ordered the 2. They seem to have restocked! I love the original naked palette but never use half baked so I'm sad to see it in the 2 palette.

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