Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NOTD Essies Luxeffects set in stones && Essies Licorice

As soon as I seen that essie was debuting these glitter top coats I had to get it. I mean come on its glitter, and a top coat. However I have the worst of luck with glitter because the glitters  are so big and chunky they don't lie flat to my nail which causes it to catch on things and chip my polish =/

Even though it chips my polish I still can't seem to pull my heart away from how sparkly, and glam it makes my nails look. Their are 5 of these glitter luxeffects top coats.
  • Shines of times which is a iridescent fine glitter.
  • Pure Pearlfection which is another fine glitter with a pearl tone
  • A cut above is a chunky pink glitter but when I applied it to my nails it looked orange
  • As good as it gets is again more fine gold glitter. Almost looks yellow in the bottle but haven't swatched it.
Ulta has all the colors here 

Overall these are perfect for the holidays! They are the same price a regular priced essie polish about $8. I was very excited when I seen these because essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands. I would say the finer glitters would probably be a better pick because these ones will little less likely  chip, and/or catch on things. I do love the way the silver glitter top coat looks, and I think it would look really pretty on just about any color. Before I put it away for a while I do want to add it to a red polish for a really glam festive holiday look. I wouldn't use this as my everyday top coat but its definitley nice to have and really pretty to look at. I did apply this color over essies licorice fora  more edgy look.

Have you tried any of these luxeffects?


  1. I think adding red to it would be such a glam look! do it girly :)

  2. It looks chunky. So festive I like it :)

  3. you have the most amazing nail polish ideas! now i have to have this!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! I postedbmy entry on YT!!!

  5. I bought one of these I'll have to go home and look at the color and I was not a fan!!

  6. I want this polish so bad!! cant seem to find it anywhere grr:(

  7. I Love this polish :) it's nice
    I also enter your giveaway

  8. I love this nail polish, but how do you take it off?