Monday, December 5, 2011

November ♡ Favs

Hi Everyone!
        I hope you all enjoyed your November. I cannot believe its Christmas time. CRAZY to think this is the last month of 2011. Wow time flies. Well the Month of November wasn't anything fantastic for me. I was really super busy with school, and have been  reaching for pretty much the same items each day. Here's a few of the favorite beauty products I was using last month. 

Maybelline Mocha palette has really been my go to eyeshadow this last month other then my naked palette. *of course*  This I love because its so easy and convenient to store in your purse/bag and not worry about it breaking. The packaging is pretty durable and the colors are all really gorgeous. On days I go to school I really don't feel like always using my higher end eyeshadow's so these have been a great alternative. They're not the most pigmented eyeshadow's but hey it does the job. They'res more shimmery colors then matte colors so if you don't like shimmery shadows I'd stay away from this. The price is pretty ideal considering you do get 8 different neutral colors. This runs about $7.

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara has been one of my favorite mascaras I've used in a while. Every time I use a higher end more expensive mascara I end up disappointed in how well it works. Considering  it costs $20+  I'd really appreciate it if it would live up to its "claims". I'm actually pretty surprised at how much I like this mascara because of  the rubber wand. I normally don't prefer a rubber wand but the the applicator has 3 ball to really help you achieve longer lashes as well as preventing them from clumping. I wouldn't say this is my "holy grail" mascara but it has beat out a lot of my others and for the price you can't beat it. I believe this was around $7-8 at drugstores. It does lengthen my lashes but does not make them fuller. So if your looking for both this really is only going to make them look longer.

Revlon Lip Butters in Gumdrop, and Sugar Frosting. I've really been loving these a lot. They're not crazy moisturizing, but they are a pretty moisturizing lipstick. I guess these are more of lipsticks then balms, but these two colors are more like balms I would say because their quite sheer with a tint to them. These are  great because they are easy to apply and reapply with a little flush of color to your lips. Especially if your not looking for any crazy color on your lips.

Wet n Wild Heather Silk Blush is a berry color blush, and its pretty pigmented which I was super surprised at how pigmented it really is. Its easy blendable, and looks great during these fall/winter season. I've been really into the berry, plum colors more this season so loving this a lot and its soo inexpensive.

L'Oreal Sultry Ravens Pout is from their LE project runway collection. I know it might be a little pointless to mention this because I'm not sure if they do sell it anymore, and I won't go to in depth about this lipstick because I did do a complete review here. 

Up & Up medicated acne medication has really SAVED my life this last past month. I've been so stressed out with the holidays, school, finals that my face hasn't really gotten along with me. Its so frustrating to take care of your skin and it still freaks out. I hate that! However, this medication I purchased at Target for under $5 and it really does the job to drown out your blemish. It does dry it out so if you don't really like that then I wouldn't use it. I don't mind it drying it out, and I prefer that over a bulging zit. I would say it gets rid of your blemish pretty fast because it does have benzoyl peroxide in it.

Victoria Secret Coco Butter Lotion I really have been LOVING because now that its a bit colder my skin get  very dry and this has really been a great thick cream that has helped significantly with my dry skin. Not only has it helped my dryness it smells soo good. 

Avon Clinical eye cream duo. This I got for Brandyn to use, but I needed a thicker night eye cream because my day eye cream is just a little to light. This is great because it has two different products in one. A gel for your upper eyelid, and a cream for under your eyes. It applies nice, and it doesn't leave my eyes feeling oily, or heavy, nor does it dry it out.

Fx Moroccan Moisture Miracle Argan Oil. This was really to help my dry ends until I made time to drive 30 mins to Ulta. However, this really does a great job I might not need to purchase the other one for a little while. It is a thicker cream which I was nervous about because its so thick I imagined it  making my hair really  greasy. It doesn't do that, nor does it feel heavy. It smells really good and it super cheap. It has really helped my hair and for the price wow!

That sums up my November Favorites. Short and sweet. I know its not that much but I haven't really been loving to many new things last month. I'm hoping since I have gotten quite a bit more stuff I'm trying out that hopefully it will land in my favorites next month or so. Let me know what you've been loving this month. 

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned I purchased with my own money, and I'm not affiliated with any of the brands, nor am I getting compensated for mentioning them.


  1. Great favorites! I really wish Canada would get the revlon lip butters!

    I'd love if you would enter my giveaway! :)

  2. lovely faves!!! love those lip butters

  3. Great post!!! <3

  4. nice faves!!! wanna try the rimmel sexy curves!!!

  5. sexy curves is one of my favourite drug store mascaras too! I love it.


  6. After seeing your post a little while back about the lip butters I went out and bought myself one. lol I think it is called Pink Truffle? I love it. :)

  7. I can't wait to get my hands on those Lip Butters! Hopefully I'll receive some as Christyms gifts (:

  8. I love VS fragrance/lotion lines. The coco ones smells soooooooo good! Love your favorites. I might try out the maybelline eyeshadow palette you mentioned.

  9. I want to try the blush, its inexpensive and a pretty color :) awesome fav's :)

  10. @Ariel I'm sorry their part of the permanent collection so I'm sure it will be their soon.

    @cottoncandy TY LOVE!

    @Stilettoslover thankk you :)

    @Dani I've been looking for that & cream sickle. lucky ;)

  11. Great favorites I too like those Revlon Lip butters.

  12. Great faves! I only have two of the lip butters - the darker ones, and love them to pieces. I want to find the lighter shades, but it is so difficult.