Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mac Naturally Collection

Last Thursday Mac debut a new collection that I've been eyeing every since temptalia posted pictures of this collection back in December. The collection is absolutely stunning. Although, many products are repromoted from other older collections. Before going I made a list of what I really wanted to get and ended up getting the opposite of what they had left. I need to start going on the day of because nothing lasts.

The things I did get my hands on are.

Red head mineral skin finish. The mineral skin finishes are probably my favorite thing mac sells. They are always so lovely and gorgeous. Red head is re promoted from Mac's blonde, brunette, red head collection way back when. Their are four beautiful shimmery colors. You can use them singly or all together. In my case I just swirl it all together and make a C shape above my eyebrow all the way down under half way of my eye. Its beautiful.

Beach Sand. This is the perfect sandy nude color. It has no orange what so ever so you don't have to worry about that. This is a cream sheen so it isn't going to be the darkest color, but its perfect if your looking for a light nudey lip which I'm so into.

A perfect day. I'm so glad I got this one because it was sold out online so fast, and I love the color. This one is more of a soft pinky, nude. Still very light but this is an amplified lipstick so its going to be a lot darker then beach sand.

The Wee Coquette. This is a very sheer milky pinky, nude lip glass. Its almost similar to nars turkish delight and bonnie bells strawberry parfait. This one is also re promoted. 

I absolutely love this collection. I also was super excited for the Iris Apfel collection, but my mac wasn't selling it, and their lipstick sold out online so quick. =/

Did you get anything from these new collections?



  1. Red Head is a soft, beautiful color. I bet the mineral finish feels nice too.

  2. red head looks gorgeous! I really hope my mac counter still has some

  3. very nice products, love the swatches ;-)

  4. Nice swatches I didn't purchase anything from this collection =/

  5. love this I just ordered RED head on line yesterday. after I was home and swatching Blonde... I just had to get Red Head too this MSF are just too gorgeous...
    I agree with ya ,
    Love this MAC collection for sure !
    Blessings hun

  6. Love the look of the msf and Perfect Day lippie! Can't wait for this collection to come out in the UK!! xx

  7. red head looks beautiful!

    can't wait for this to come out in the uk!


  8. those are all so pretty! i want them lol

  9. Ahhhh you're so lucky to have been able to get A perfect Day! Really looks lovely and super wearable!

  10. This collection does look gorgeous, shame Im on a makeup spending ban!

    I think the lipgloss looks absolutely stunning. Just my kinda colour


  11. @Girlie blogger it is very pretty!!

    @PolaBerry They had some online last time I checked

    @Cotton Candy THanks love

    @Jessica HEYY are you due yet?

    @Lizbeth I need to check out blonde now!!