Friday, February 3, 2012

Leopard Lips

Hi Dolls!

Recently I purchased these lip stickers, and wanted to share them with you because I was so fascinated by them. I've never tried lip stickers/tattoos prior to this. I was a little iffy about the whole shindig but I really wanted to try them. Sephora sells some called Violent Lips , but theirs are glitter. I actually really wanted to try them but I came across these on Ebay. I'll link the seller if you want to check them out. I actually purchased a few more today.

To apply these lip stickers was actually pretty tricky, well for me. Took a second but I got it. They apply very similar to those fake tattoos you might have put on when you were a kid. The part I found difficult was cutting them into the size for my lips. After I did that I soaked the back of the tattoo, peeled off the plastic front, and carefully applied to my lips. Once it was onto my lips I slowly pressed from one side to the next. Once you have it onto your lips the rest is pretty easy, you just have to be careful of no bubbles. It does take a few minutes to dry, and you have to keep them pretty moisturized to prevent any cracking or peeling.

To remove I used makeup remover, and a lip scrub. I wouldn't recommend using a lip scrub if you don't have to just because it could irritate your lips. I also used a Vaseline to kind of make them oily, and that actually really helped. 

I would say they last about 8 hours if you keep moisturized. I ate, drank, and nothing budged until the end of the evening. I did feel a corner peeling but nothing noticeable.

Overall I actually really liked these. They're definitely different. Very edgy, and unique. I didn't like removing them only because it seemed like a long process, but I was being super careful to not rub my lips raw. They were a little under $5. The lasting power is pretty great considering I ate a few meals and drank still looked as good as new until the end of the day. I'm pretty excited to get my others. As far as shipping the seller actually shipped them the same day and only took 2 days to get. 

Have you wore lip stickers/tattoos?


  1. These are so crazy! haha I saw them around Halloween time. You pull it off well.

  2. so cool! i was wondering about wear time and everything....super fun

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    here's the link:

  4. wow great...
    i wonder how u start?

  5. I've been wanting to try these such a fun idea.

  6. So cute! What did the hubby think?? Did you do the kiss test? I know, weird questions but I was interested to know :) xoxo p.s. Have you entered my NYX blog giveaway? Hope you are having a great weekend doll!

  7. these are insane! In a totally amazing way! I wonder where you could actually wear these bad boys!

  8. Wow!! Those are so neat!! I haven't had a chance to try the lip stickers yet. I plan on getting some very soon. I love your blog. You are gorgeous!!

  9. omg that leopard lips look awesomeeeee!

  10. Cute on you!!! I want to try these but I need some sort of party or event to wear them at haha!!

  11. @CottonCandy Thanks doll

    @Dani Hahha I didn't want to wait for halloween

    @Socialdreams Thanks!

    @pixiemomma haha your fine! he liked them && we kissed and nothing. @ first it was weird but I liked them!

    @brandy Thank you dolL! I appreciate that will check yours out :) xo

  12. I recently bought a pair of these! They look sooo neat and I like the design you chose. I can't wait to try mine out.

  13. I have some of these but i bought them from the actual violent lips website, i got the same ones kim kardashian has used absaloutely love them! violent lips deliver really quickly and are quite cheap aswell, they look really cute do yours might pick up that style next!xxx