Friday, February 10, 2012

SHOP Mac Haul

Hi Everyone

          So yesterday MAC's shop MAC cook MAC collection debuted in stores. The collection was revealed online a few days ago, however once I actually checked the email all the lipsticks I wanted were sold out. If you check the website it does say these lipstick are coming soon  so if your looking for these I would check frequently as they will sell out fast. The collection was pretty big half the time I can't keep up with them all because they come out with so many.

The only thing that really caught my eye was the lipsticks. (whats new) like I need anymore lipsticks. Well at first I thought these lipsticks were very comparable to the Wet n Wild lipsticks I did in a post here.
Although they do have similarities they are different. The went n wild ones have a matte finish, while the Mac ones are quite glossy.  The lippies I picked up were

Naughty Saute: This is the color I was most dieing to try. This is a cream sheen although, it is still quite pigmented. The color is almost a neon barbie bold bright pink. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months as neon's are quite trendy! The color is just to die for and I'm actually pretty stoked I got my hands on this bad boy. This color is pretty comparable to the WnW dollhouse pink shade. The WnW is more neon but the naughty saute lasting power is a hell of a lot longer and more moisturizing.

Watch me Simmer: Is a bright again very neon amplified finish flamingo coral pink color. Definitely has a orange tone to it. Its super pigmented and you hardly need to apply any product to get its true color. I didn't wear this to long so I couldn't say how the lasting power is, but I'm imagining if its like majority of lipsticks its not going to have crazy lasting power, and its pretty moisturizing but nothing like the other two. The color is absolutely stunning and I'm extremely excited to wear this.

Innocence Beware: This color isn't anything special, its a nudey pink (like I needed another one of those) It is a re promote from the Venomous Villans collection. Its also a cream sheen. I love it because its not that deadly nude color nor does it have any orange tones. Its actually pretty flattering on my skin.

I also picked up a eyebrow pencil in spiked. Never tried these before but was in need of a new one.

naughty saute

innocence beware

watch me simmer

Here's a swatch of the lipsticks next to the WnW lipsticks.

Did you get anything from this collection?


  1. very pretty, I love pinkerbell


  2. Oh gorgeous shades defiantly what I'd go for :)

  3. i want them all, great choices

  4. Great haul! I am going today I hope they are not sold out! I love the lipsticks in this pretty!

  5. Great haul! All the lipsticks look very nice on you!

  6. ooo the last color is sooo pretty.

  7. I picked up Watch Me Simmer, Quick Sizzle and Hush Hush. Watch Me Simmer looks great on you.

    I actually just posted my haul + swatches too :)

  8. i love the first and the last one...
    you look pretty with those shades

  9. I like Watch Me Simmer the best on you. It brightened up your face :)

    Lisa <3

  10. those lipsticks are gorgeous!
    i love the first one the best on you, looks really beautiful

  11. I just tagged you! I hope you do the tag!


  12. Gorgeous shades, you look stunning :)

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  14. Watch me shimmer is soooo pretty!!!!! Thanks for the swatches.

  15. oh how fun are these colors!!!! love them!