Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top Spring/Summer Nail polish picks

Spring is finally here! I can't tell you how long I've been counting down the days. I love the warmer weather, and the spring trends! It always puts me in a really good mood. This spring nail polish is definitely an accessories. Adding a pop of color to your nails can really set the mood for an outfit. This spring pastels, and neon's are very trendy and its something I think everyone should play around with. Even if your not into wearing bright bold clothes add something fun to your nails could really make a statement. whats the worst that could happen?

Some of my Spring nail polish picks:

Yellows are definitely something I'm really not use to. Normally I don't  gravitate towards yellows, but as I was flipping through one of  my magazines a bebe ad caught my eye and I just couldn't get over how good yellow polish looked on the model, so I picked Milani's polish in Yellow wiz. Its definitely a neon color. Very gorgeous and looks so fun on my nails. I would say if you do find a yellow polish and its more on the sheer side I would try applying a white polish underneath to really make the yellow pop!
Another yellow that I think is gorgeous but is a little more sheer is from the L'Oreal infallible collection in Tweet me it has some fun glitter in the formula. 

Oranges are also something really trendy this season and my Orange pick is from the L'Oreal infallible collection called L'Orange. Perfect name riight! This is also somewhat sheer but the color could be builded with a few coats. Milani also has a neon one that is very pretty!

Essie's Playdate is one of from their newer collection. This color could pass as a pastel or a neon. The formula is probably one of the better ones by Essie. It does get opaque after just one coat. Its such an amazing Easter purple color. I absolutely adore this shade. So far no purple can compare to this one.

Pinks could never get old, at least for me anyways. The pink picks I choose were; Tour de Fiance which is a gorgeous magenta pink, does have some pretty blue, and violet undertones and when the light hits it just right you can definitely see the mixture of all the colors. Perfect for the spring and summer!
Another pink that I've been loving has to be Essie French Affair. This is from last summers collection however, it is now in their permanent collection so it shouldn't be difficult to find. I love this shade because not only is it beautiful but its one of those shades that will look good on just about anybody. It is more of a milky lavender pink and is opaque after two thin coats.

My last pink pick (I know enough pinks already) but I had to include it because its just so fresh and chic. Revlon's Pale Cashmere. This pink is more of a white based milky pink. Perfect for a nice clean look, for the office, or even a wedding. Its just a completely gorgeous color and again could be used on just about any skintone. 

Nudes are always in, my nude pick is from the same collection as the French Affair polish and is also in their permanent collection and it is Essies Sand Topaz. This nude color is exactly what it sounds like. A sandy taupey color. Very sleek again and also a very nice color. Definitely would look great if you had a lot going on with your outfit and you just wanted a subtle nail color. Very elegant looking, and definitely a staple color. 

Turquoises are probably my second favorite color other then pink. Turquoise is just a fun bold pop of color that just looks amazing when you see it. This is one of those colors you can see from a mile away. My turquoise color is by Essie (again I know called) Turquoise and Caicos. This color is suppose to be referred to as the "Tiffany's color". I would say its pretty darn close. Is very vibrant and its just one color I can't live without. 

Coraly peach colors are a must in the summer, trendy or not its just a summer/spring color that could never get old. My coral color is Essie Cute as a Button, another that I love is Essies Peach Daquri. Both very similar but also different. The color is a very nice milky coral opaque just after two thin coats, this color is definitely one of the most flattering colors in my opinion.

Last but not least Essies Marshmallow. I have done a notd post way back when and this has to be the prettiest milky white. I just think whites are always something anyone and anybody could wear. 

What are you spring/ summer nail polish picks?

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  1. Great color choices! I need to pick up some more spring colored polishes myself.

    Beauty Flawed

  2. All these colors are perfect for spring! They are all lovely colors! <3
    xox, Maria


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