Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Routine

Hi Guys!
Today's post is going to be a little different from the norm. I actually have gotten quite a few questions on what my at home "spa night" consists of and on the food I make that I post on instagram on a daily basis! If you don't follow me on instagram my username is 0xjenn! Since my spa night usually is on Sunday I wanted to share with you guys what my Sunday's usually involve and posibly help and/or give you some ideas!

First and foremost this might seem kind of boring but it has actually helped me out a lot especially on days that I get home late, and I have a lot of school work to do. Mainly I prep for the week on Sundays. Usually I get insprired watching some Food Network shows right when I wake up. I don't know what it is about it but everytime I watch that channel I feel like I could be a chef lol. This also helps me decide on what kind of dinners I want to make for the week. What I like to do is make a Monday through Friday dinner list so I know what I will be making throughout the week. Depending on what it is I'm making I will kind of group all the ingredients together so its easier and more convient for me to just grab and go. I also like doing this because then Brandyn and I can go to the grocery store and get whatever we might need for the dinners that we don't already have. This also helps save money because I'm not buying a bunch of random things to possibly make for dinner because I already know what I'm going to be making. A lot of times I use to buy a bunch of ingreidents to make dinners then when it came down to making it, I didn't always have everything and I would make something else and sometimes ingredients would go to waste.

Other then planing my meals ahead of time I also like to make a green smoothie for the week. This is actually a recipe I got from Dr Oz here. This is a newer part of my Sunday routine. I do really like it. It helps promote healthy skin, and hair as well as saving me a lot of time. I make a big blender full and every morning I pour myself a glass first thing, and it tastes just as great as it did the first day!

Now onto the Spa night products!

Argan oil & Tresemee hair masque
Now, you don't have to do this on Sunday. It could be done anyday of the week, but setting aside a day and routinly doing this will help you get in the habit. I usually like to shower Sunday evening before all my shows are on. Before I shower I put some Argan oil in my hair for a good 30 minutes.  I rinse it out in the shower and I then do my hair mask! Sometimes since my hair is a little drier now from ombring it I will do deep conditioner (hair masque) another day during the week.

10.0.6 Down to the detox Mud Mask
Depending on how busy I am I might apply a mask again in the week, but I ALWAYS make a point to apply my mask Sundays!  I really enjoy this step because sometimes your skin just needs a little special treatment and what better then a face mask! I've really been loving this one by 10.0.6 that I believe I've mentioned in other posts!

Personal MicroDermabrasion PMD
I recenlty incoperated this into my skincare routine, so after I use my mask I will use this and let me tell you I can't believe how well this has been for my skin! It really has truley diminisioned scaring, and the texture of my skin has never been better.

Depending on if my manicure has lasted I will do my nails again throughout the week, but I always change my polish on Sundays! Throughout the week if I do change my polish I never go to the full extent buff, trim, and all of that jazz. So Sunday I always buff my nails to get rid of any staining, roughness, file, and trim my cuticles if needed, and basically the rest of my nail care routine which I will get more into in a separate post.

That's basically my "Routine" I like to do on Sundays! I also like to catch up on laundry, wash my brushes, and do any housework that I might of set aside during the week.

For dinner Sunday Brandyn & I made Turkey Spinach Burgers
I like to start my week off right so I leave my cheat days to the end of the week!

 Turkey Spinach wrap with Tomatoes, and a Laughing Cow Cheese, Humus w/ wheat Crackers, Red Grapes
For lunch I've really been OBSESSED with eating this! Very healthy and energizing!

 Dr Oz's Green Smoothie
I drink this every morning before I start off with my Coffee and I actually really like it!

Do you have a Routine like this you like to do? If so Share! :)


  1. hey jenn! i enjoyed reading this post and i am definitely one of those people on instagram who love seeing your food posts :) i really want to try the glowing green smoothie so i just might have to give it a go!!