Saturday, August 5, 2017

Current Beauty Favorites

Colourpop Lippie in Wednesday 

DND Victorian Blush

DND Blushing pink

L-R Colourpops liquid lipstick & NYX glitter in Bronze

GUYS!!! How are you!? Hope your well! I've so missed doing beauty videos but its not always easy with a toddler so this is the next best thing! Let me know what beauty posts you'd be interested in seeing! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite beauty items at the moment. I haven't done a favorites in so long I could have shared so many more items but didn't want it to be crazy. 

Current Beauty Favorites

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette I did do a quick swatch post here.
I love this palette because all the colors are so what I'm into right now: orangey, auburn, redish, neutral colors! Urban Decay always comes through with the pigmentation and buttery texture. I do notice the colors are some what powdery so I'd be careful of that. The price is typical Urban Decay Naked palette pricing. Def a favorite and have been using it everyday since I purchased!

Anastasia Glow Kit By Nicole Guerrio 
Literally obessed. I don't own any other glow kits by Anastasia so I'm not sure if they're all this pigmented but WOW holy GLOW! If your about that glow life this is a must! 

Two Faced Sweethearts blush in Peach Beach
LOVEE this blush so much! Perfect flush of color with a little shimmer. Buildable, and pigmented! I've been reaching for it so frequently. Love how it pairs with the Naked Heat palette.

Milani Make It Last Makeup Spray
This setting spray is a prime + correct+ + set & its only $8.
it says it has a 16 hour wear. I have very oily skin so no matter what I have to blot my skin once or twice a day even on non humid days. I do think it helps my makeup last because I apply it a few times as I'm getting ready. I like to apply it before I apply my foundation, after & once I'm all done. I also apply it throughout the day when my face is oily after I blot. I know it seems crazy but my makeup seems to look so good even when theres a little oil + it doesn't crease or move around. You know when its super oily & your makeup looks blotchy and like its melted off in spots yea it doesn't with the help of this!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Spf 15
This is totally an oldy but goodie! Idk why I stoped using this. (I know why Im such a product junkie and I'm always trying new/different stuff) I so forgot how great this foundation was for my oily skin. Im in love w/ the makeup forever matte velvet but sometimes that one shows any dry spots. This foundation doesn't do that. Lasts all day, doesn't budge from the heat & makes my skin look amazing + It has Spf!! 

Mac Pro Long Concealer 
Another oldie but goody! Since having a baby my under eyes need a little extra coverage then before a child. This is so worth every penny. A little goes a long way, the color is AMAZing I love a bright undrereye so I use the lightest shade. Coverage is great, doesn't crease in my under hollows like a lot of others do throughout the day. I do have oily under eyes and I do have to prime conceal and set but thats another story lol. So good.

Lagure Setting Powder
OH my goodness I shop on amazon WAAYY to much its my fav online shop so I buy and try a lot of beauty products on there lately & this is one of those items I decided to try and its the PERFECT setting powder for all over your face and to bake under your eyes. I do apply it again throughout the day to control oil but it works so good and my makeup looks amazing. I do believe this contributes to making my makeup stay and look good all day. + its only $10! 

Bellapierre Cosmetics Cream Contour Kit
I've never heard of this brand but I found this cream contour kit at Tj Maxx and had to try it. It was only $8. Honestly I didn't have high expectations for this but I couldn't beat the price. Love the contour colors, no orangey or muddy looking shade. I apply this and then a power contour over top & it looks so good. I've been getting so many compliments from my vlog channel about my contour and this is it. Blends nicely, buildable and lasts all day! Def gonna try and find another one soon!

Dnd Nail Polish in Victorian Blush & Blushing pink 
I keep getting my nails done in just these two shades every time I go in for a fill. I was so obsessed with the colors I searched for them on Ebay! Such a pretty neon pink and peach color. Screams summer! Both only needs 2 coats. 

NYX Glitter in Bronze & Glitter Primer
THIS I wear almost every day. Its just so pretty and I get so many compliments while out and about every time I wear it. The glitter glue does its job lasts all day doesn't flake! + its only $5-6 so beats paying $20 for the other ones. The Glitter is the perfect bronze shade. I literally am so obsessed I can't seem to wear anything else on my lid.

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner Rose Petal
I just discovered this also on amazon. I have oily, sensitive acne prone skin and this has made my skin look and feel so smooth with a healthy glow. I feel like its not so harsh on my skin like the alcohol ones can be and it doesn't strip my skin of its natural oils.

Yes to Coconut moisturizer 
This smells like summer. Its a light daily all over moisturizer to maintain my fake tan. Plus I love the spray bottle. Not greasy at all & doesn't leave a weird residue on my skin 

Colour pop Matte Liquid lipstick in Wednesday
I'm usually a nude, brownish natural tone lately but this is the perfect pop of color & fuss free so you can kiss your little one all day long and not have to touch up every 2 mins. 

Indian Healing Clay Mask
THIS is one of my favorite all time mask. I purchased this again on amazon, its a great deep cleaning mask that tightens your skin which I love! It does come in a powder form and you just add apple cider vinegar or water. The tube is a pretty large size so it'll last you a while + again the price is only $10 YAY!


This stuff is amazing. Its like magic in a bottle. my gel liner always tends to dry out faster then I can use it and I use it A LOT.  Drop a few drops of this in your gel liner & its brand new again! You can also use it on eye shadows etc.

What are some of your current beauty favorites at the moment?! 



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